Why is Water Essential than Weight Loss Drinks on the HCG Diet

Why is Water Essential than Weight Loss Drinks on the HCG Diet?

Weight loss drinks and energy drinks contain electrolytes that maintain the function of the cell. Electrolytes consist of carbs, calories, sodium chloride, and potassium. It is advisable for people who incorporate strenuous workout activities. But, during the HCG diet, stick to water because weight loss drinks can add more calories.

Water can replace the electrolytes you spend on exercising. Note that exercising is not advisable during the HCG diet because it results in fatigue. Substitute energy and weight loss drinks with water during the HCG diet to improve your weight loss results. Water does not contain sodium and calories. It is a healthy substitute for your indulgences and maintains your satiety during the HCG diet.

Boost your HCG Injections with Infused Water

Infused water is also known as detox water or a combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  It can produce a boost in your weight loss during the HCG diet.  Infused water is a satiating treat that boosts the effects of the HCG. But, ensure that you immerse fresh fruits and herbs that do not interfere with the HCG. Infused water can also improve your hydration and boost the flow of nutrients in the body.

What can you use to make an infused water?

  • Water and mint. It helps in reducing unhealthy bacteria in your mouth and clears your nasal passages.s You can have water and mint to treat common colds and flu during the HCG diet. It is a better option than taking medications that interferes with the HCG. But, when colds and flu persist, seek medical attention and isolate yourself.
  • Water and cucumber. Cucumber has low-calorie content and, it also helps in detoxification. Combining water and cucumber boosts hydration and prevents hunger. Cucumber contains antioxidants and minerals that improve weight loss and maintains healthy blood sugar. Slice cucumber thinly and put it in clod water. Make it as your weight loss drinks before and after exercising.
  • Water and ginger. Water improves your hydration and prevents joint pain. Combining ginger and water can improve weight loss and promotes digestion. Ginger prevents stomach discomfort and constipation. It also staves off excess calories without causing weight gain. Add some ginger in 8 cups of distilled water. You can have ginger water throughout the day.

Why is water more essential than weight loss drinks during the HCG diet?

Water is calorie and alcohol-free. It does not interfere with your weight loss during the HCG diet. Unlike processed drinks, water can increase your satiety without adding calories. Drinking water every day improves your overall health. It also helps in resetting your eating habits and overcome your alcohol addiction. Water plays a role in the HCG diet and, it can help you lose fat.

  • A natural appetite suppressant and, you can have a glass of water before mealtime. It controls your calorie intake.
  • Water can increase calorie burning.
  • It helps in removing waste from your body through sweating and urination.
  • Reduce your overall liquid calorie intake during the HCG diet.
  • Water is necessary to burn fats and replace the fluids after working out.