The second phase of the HCG diet is known as the center of the diet program. It will be the time that your body transition from binge eating to low-calorie intake. The VLCD assists the HCG in fat burning and resetting your metabolic rate. It will last for three to six weeks depending on your weight loss goal.

The HCG diet requires you to cook low-calorie foods at home. It only means that you will be the one to purchase your foods to avoid processed items. The second phase of the HCG diet is strict on your calorie intake. It is when you are taking your HCG shots at the same time each day. Incorporate a few strategies when you go on shopping for your HCG diet foods.

Why do you need to separate your HCG diet foods?

Purchase your HCG diet foods separately to avoid confusion. When you will not separate your HCG diet food, there is a tendency that you can eat unhealthy items. During the HCG diet, you have to make sure that you eat the right kind of foods. Purchase your HCG diet foods separate from the grocery of your household. It will help you determine which food is for your diet and which one you should avoid. In purchasing your diet foods you should;

  • Pick the whole foods, natural or organic products
  • Avoid foods that contain sugar, oil, and fats.
  • Read food labels and make sure that it does not contain long lists of added ingredients.
  • Avoid sweetened drinks, alcohol, and other calorie-loaded beverages.
  • Take note of the limitations that are set on the HCG diet protocol.

What should you do before you purchase your HCG diet foods?

Before going to a grocery store, ensure that you are familiar with the protocol of the HCG diet. See to it that you have a thorough copy of the HCG diet food list in your phone or notebook. You should know which foods are allowable and which ones are not. You should know the exact thing you need and what foods you have to avoid. If you follow these tips you will make shopping easier.

Why you should avoid purchasing an excessive food supply?

When your purchase your HCG diet food supply make sure that it is enough. Do not buy too much because the tendency is it will just end up in waste. Learn to estimate how much food you need to a week’s supply. For sure you do not need too much because you’ll be eating fewer calories. Instead of buying bulk supplies, opt for having it weekly. It will help you avoid going on a grocery trip in the middle of the week.

Why you should not buy packed and processed foods?

Food temptations cannot be avoided during the HCG diet but it is up to you if you give in to it. Avoid purchasing processed foods because they contain loads of addictive and chemicals. It can delay the mechanism of HCG in burning with your body fats. Do not purchase canned veggies or fruits. It’s because the canning process can destroy the nutritional content of a food product.