When Can You Say that HCG Diet is Right For You

When Can You Say that HCG Diet is Right For You?

The HCG diet is a solution for obesity. The diet protocol uses Natural hormones that stave off the unwanted fats that diet pills cannot reach. The HCG diet is a leading weight loss protocol in the US. Note that it is not a miracle aid that helps you lose weight in a snap. The HCG works by suppressing your appetite and resetting your metabolic rate. The HCG reaches the stubborn fats in the body and releases them as energy. But, when can you say that HCG is for you?

The HCG diet requires a low-calorie intake during the second phase. It will help in detoxifying and resetting your eating pattern. It produces rapid weight loss results regardless of your age, body type, BMI, and health status. Start the HCG diet by setting a reachable weight loss goal and preparing your body for rapid fat-burning.

Is the HCG Right for You?

If you think you could benefit from the HCG, you can visit your doctor for further recommendations. Let your dietician decide on the limitations to maintain the nutritional balance in your body. Inform your doctor about your medications and existing disease to make some changes to the HCG diet.

The HCG Diet is For You If: 

  1. You have an Obese BMI Score. Most obese individuals lose weight through the HCG diet. Likewise, overweight people can also follow the HCG diet protocol. If your body mass index calculation is over 30, you can start the HCG diet. Your doctor will also measure your waistline to determine other weight-related problems. Losing weight during the HCG diet can reduce your risks of weight-related disease.
  2. You have an inactive lifestyle. Are you gaining weight due to a lack of exercise while loading calorie-loaded meals? The HCG is Right for you. It can help you lose weight without incorporating any exercise activity. Nonetheless, you can also add low-intensity activities when you are not hungry or tired. The long-term success you can get during the HCG diet will help you maintain your overall health.
  3. You cannot control your appetite. You can use HCG to counteract obesity and its adverse effects. If you gain weight due to an eating disorder, the HCG can help you manage your eating patterns. It resets your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. The HCG helps in correcting your eating habits to ensure that low-calorie intake is bearable.

Can You Start the HCG Diet Right Away?

Fulfill health requirements before starting the HCG diet. If you have any of the things mentioned earlier, you can try the HCG diet. But, ensure that you do not have an existing disease the requires emergency attention. Avoid using the HCG for weight loss if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not advisable for patients who are waiting for heart surgeries and other emergency cases.

If the HCG suits your condition, ensure to follow the instructions and limitations of your diet doctor. You can also continue taking your maintenance medicine but expect slower progress on weight loss. Administer the HCG injections every day to ensure rapid weight loss. You can lose up to 30 pounds during the HCG die