What Will Happen When you Skip a Meal on the HCG Diet

What Will Happen When you Skip a Meal on the HCG Diet?

Meals are essential when you are trying to lose weight as they prevent calorie deficit. It reduces your risk of diseases and reduces inflammation. A healthy meal is better than losing weight through exercising as it does not compromise your health.

Phase 2 of the HCG diet starts on the third day of taking your HCG shots. Reduce your calorie intake to assist in weight loss management. Skipping meals on the HCG diet does not help in weight loss. It results in a sudden spike and drop-down in your blood sugar levels.

Why Skipping Meals on the HCG Diet is not Allowable?

Avoid leaving your house without eating foods as it increases your risk of overeating throughout the day. Reasons why you cannot skip meals on the HCG diet:

  • It causes anxiety, mood changes, and high-stress levels.
  • Triggers cravings on sugar, carbs, and fatty foods.
  • Increases your risks of having nutritional deficiencies.
  • It causes irregular digestion and metabolic disorder.
  • You will lose focus on controlling hunger and determining fullness.
  • Skipping meals affects your productivity on the HCG diet.
  • It increases your risk of obesity and abnormal weight gain.
  • Skipping meals can cause energy loss, fatigue, and headache.
  • It spikes up blood sugar and increases your risk of having diabetes.
  • Causes ulcer, heartburn, and poor performance.

Eat less but do not skip a meal because the HCG diet is not a depriving program. The VLCD will help in changing your eating pattern for faster weight loss.

Can you Skip your Breakfast on the HCG Diet?

Breakfast is a vital part of your day as it starts your metabolism. Avoid missing your breakfast coffee or tea to prevent unhealthy eating sessions. As per Dr. Simeons’ protocol, solid foods are not permissible on breakfast. Nonetheless, the modern modifications of the protocol allow splitting the 500 calorie meal. You can portion the meal allocation to five sizes to have something for breakfast.

Is Skipping the Fruit Portion Permissible?

You can skip the foods that you are not hungry for when the HCG works well in your system. Some cases may occur that make you not hungry at all. It is the time that you can skip one fruit serving or even the carb options on your HCG diet. Get back to your routine if there it affects your weight loss result.

Avoid Early Dinner. Why?

Because eating in advance for dinner may result in late-night snacking. It is a habit that increases your weight and reduces your metabolic rate. Eating an early dinner is as unhealthy as skipping your meals. Ensure that you eat your dinner two hours before bedtime. Avoid heavy activities at night as it consumes energy and triggers hunger.

How Skipping Meals Affect Metabolism on the HCG diet?

The human body has a standard metabolic rate to keep functioning. When you skip meals, your body fails to convert energy and slows down your metabolism. It loses water and leads to starvation mode and, as a result, it increases body fat deposition.