HCG diet is a fast weight loss process. It targets and burns the stubborn fats in your body. HCG diet is a safe aid in losing weight which follows a protocol. However, some things may stop or delay your weight loss. You have to be aware of these things so that your weight loss continues.

Things that stop you from losing weight on the HCG diet

  1. You fail to stay on the diet track– Keeping on the track of the diet will help you lose weight. You have to follow each step of the HCG diet. Do not skip any phase of your HCG diet because each phase helps reach your goal. You have to avoid cheating so that you will not slip on your diet. Avoid the foods that are loaded with calories and other chemicals. Administer the HCG the same time each day for greater success.
  2. Lack of protein– One of the single most important foods to lose weight is protein. This is because it can boost your metabolism. Protein also helps in burning calories and can lower your cravings. The protein choice on the HCG diet helps the HCG in curbing your hunger and maintains the health of your muscle. Make sure that your protein choice is fat-free before cooking. Protein can also help in preventing further weight gain.
  3. You load on to process foods- be careful in purchasing your diet foods. Check the food labels and stay away from sugar and carbohydrates. Make sure to have whole foods in your meal to avoid weight gain. Whole foods are more nutritious and filling than processed foods. Whole foods help regulate your appetite especially if you are doing the VLCD of the HCG diet. Stick to whole foods at all time during your HCG diet to reach your weight loss goal.
  4. You overdo your exercise– Lifting weights and other hard exercises are not allowed on the HCG diet. This is because hard exercises can cause weight gain. Hard exercises will consume your energy and may cause you to crave or in starvation mode. This will eventually cause you to eat too much in your next meal. HCG diet only allows light exercise for at least 10 minutes. You can do the walking, jogging, swimming or biking. The purpose of your light exercise is maintaining your cardiovascular health as you lose weight. This can also help you in maintaining the health of your muscle throughout your rapid weight loss.