HCG Diet


HCG is a natural and safe weight loss aid. This is known as the most reliable solution for overweight and obese people. HCG is a simple and straightforward weight loss protocol. HCG diet is divided into 4 phases for the completion of the weight loss program. The HCG controls your hunger pangs and also responsible for the control of your metabolic rate for faster fat burning.

The regular dose of HCG for weight loss is done during your VLCD or Phase 2. This is when your intake of calories will be cut down into 500 calories each day. The rapid fat burning will continue as long as you have administered the right amount of HCG. It is important to have the HCG during your VLCD for greater success.

HCG is a safe aid for weight loss

It has great results with fat burning and maintains the health of your muscle

The regular use of HCG during weight loss will help in reaching your weight loss goal. The HCG acts directly to the stored fats in the hard to reach areas of your body. The rate of your metabolism is dependent on how the HCG works on your body. HCG does not touch as a single mass of your muscle. It maintains the health and firmness of your muscle as it burns your fats rapidly.

HCG diet promotes the proper distribution of nutrients in your body

Along with healthy eating, the HCG diet does not just help in weight loss. It also maintains your health. This is because eating style and habits will meet all the nutritional requirements of your body during weight loss. The foods will aid in proper digestion and maintaining skin health. Most especially, your HCG will prevent your risk from all weight-related diseases.

It is natural and organic

Everything on your HCG diet are natural product. The HCG is from a natural hormone in the placenta of pregnant women. This is a safe and proven product to use for weight loss. You will be spending less money through HCG diet than doing a weight loss surgery. Your food items during the HCG diet are all organic. HCG diet does not allow processed foods and drinks. Processed products are the main cause of weight gain and other diseases. You have to load more on fruits, vegetables, and lean meat during your weight loss process. Healthy food choices will help you embrace a new lifestyle. This is also helpful in keeping a healthy weight and body.