You must understand the impacts of water on your body during the HCG diet. It is important while taking the HCG diet injections. Drinking plenty of water is a vital task for you to completely follow the VLCD. Water helps in various weight loss roles and it plays a big part in reaching success. It does not just improve blood flow but also carries nutrients all over your body during the HCG diet.

What is the main role of water in your body?

Your body uses water in all its cells, tissues, and organs. This is to regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Your body loses water through breathing, digestion, and sweating. However, drinking an adequate amount of water will help in supplying enough hydration in your body. Water also delivers vital nutrients to all of your cells, such as muscle cells. It also counters fatigue, irritability, mood changes, and hunger.

Important roles of water during the HCG diet

  • Water is an alternative for carbohydrates

The HCG diet requires low-calorie consumption including carbs. Water helps to process the stored carbs into the fuel during the VLCD. This will eventually result in faster metabolism and avoid dehydration.

  • It helps during digestion

Water is a vital provider for proper metabolism and controlling your appetite. Not having enough water confuses body signals especially during thirst or hunger. Drinking enough water promotes proper hydration and curbs the urge of eating foods. It also controls overeating.

  • Water releases toxins

Drinking water helps lose body fat rapidly. It can release a large number of toxic elements that were stored in your fat cells. Water helps your liver in processing toxins out of your body. It frees your body from toxins which is an essential process to lose substantial fats. 

  • It aids in your diet

Water curbs the effects of a high intake of sodium that causes water retention. Water retention can cause weight loss stall or weight gain. Drinking water can help in dealing with water weights. It also stabilizes your body’s sodium levels.

  • Water hydrate skin

During the HCG diet, you are not allowed to use oil-based cosmetics and other skincare products. You cannot use lotions because of the active ingredient that affects your weight loss. When you drink an adequate amount of water it can help you maintain your skin health. It prevents the skin from absorbing free radicals and toxins.

How much water do you need during the HCG diet?

Stay hydrated and drinks 2 liters of water per day during the VLCD. This is very important especially when you are maintaining your HCG injections. Water lowers the effect of the unhealthy foods that you have before. It also prevents high blood pressure and high-stress levels. Maintain proper hydration during the HCG diet to reach your weight loss goal.

Are you allowed to drink flavored water during the HCG diet?

No. Any flavored water or chemically processed drinks are not allowed during the HCG diet. Flavored water contains too many calories, sugar, and artificial flavorings which affects the work of HCG. Drink an unsweetened tea or coffee instead of having flavored water on your VLCD.