Losing weight very quickly could put a person at risk of losing muscle instead of fat. If the muscle mass is low, there will be a decrease in metabolism. This is a bad effect that can affect the burning of calories. The muscle begins to lower as we get older. It will reduce the strength and size of the muscle. The body does not need more muscle as we get older.

The HCG diet exercise

One thing that can aid muscle loss is exercise. This can improve the fibers in the muscle. One way of re-building them is by the means of exercise. It can improve strength. This is also a big help to solve the mobility issue. Exercise on the HCG diet does not mean you have to carry tons of weights. It does not allow any hard exercise too. HCG diet exercise simply points out to a light one. Healthy exercise on the HCG diet can keep muscle strength.

You can do cardio exercise such as 10 minutes jog, stretching or walk. You are not required to lift heavy loads. This kind of exercise can also bring benefits to the lungs and heart. The heart can deliver the oxygen properly to the muscles. The light exercise goals to build muscle slowly.

Protein-packed meal

Proteins are available in the food list of HCG diet. This is a vitamin for muscle building. An exact amount of protein is needed to deliver nutrients in the muscle. The nutrients are the one who stops the muscle loss. Example of proteins is lean meats. If you are an adult and overweight you need to lose weight. This will help you improve muscle strength. Prevent mobility loss and injury now.

HCG diet hormones

The HCG diet hormone is an effective weight loss aid. This is used by overweight and obese patients for years. HCG diet promotes rapid weight loss. HCG diet comes with a protocol that helps the body’s metabolism. It targets the stubborn fats in the thigh, hips, and butt. It targets the areas that are not reached by the old weight loss protocol that you are used to. It is important to know that HCG does not burn muscle. It only targets the fat in your body that is unhealthy. HCG improves the muscle’s health while burning fats. Abnormal fats are burned and used as a source of energy. This could assure that you will never drop a single amount of muscle weight.