What are the Triggers of Carb Cravings on the HCG Diet

What are the Triggers of Carb Cravings on the HCG Diet?

Carb cravings are an intensive feeling of wanting to eat a specific food. It is random and, not all dieters have them during the HCG diet. It links to several causes and, they can ruin your progress on the HCG diet. Carb cravings are typical on the starting days of the second phase of the HCG diet. It is because your body is adjusting to the changes in food intake and the number of calories.

There are occasional cravings that can occur during the second phase of the HCG diet. Ensure that you have enough information in dealing with cravings without involving foods. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the HCG diet will deprive you of eating. Avoiding cravings increases your weight loss results.

What are the Triggers of Cravings on the HCG Diet?

  1. Your lifestyle pattern. It happens when you are used to your lifestyle before the HCG diet. Change your routine to avoid the occurrences of cravings. Avoid eating your favorite donuts, bagels, bread, and other baked goods.
  2. Your emotional stability. Stress causes emotional tension that leads to resort to eating your comfort foods. Deal with stress by getting an adequate amount of sleep per day. Sleeping helps you prevent cravings during the day because it reduces the emotional tension in your brain.
  3. Social influence. Avoid going out with your friends when you are on the HCG diet. When you dine in restaurants, there is a higher risk of eating unhealthy foods. Take note that the foods in restaurants increase your appetite and make you go for additional serving.
  4. Withdrawal during the VLCD. When you start the VLCD, you will cut down your unhealthy food intake that includes carbs. Cravings are typical on the starting days of the HCG diet because your body is still in a withdrawal state. Take your HCG injections every day to help your body in adopting the new meal pattern.

Things to Avoid to Prevent Cravings on the HCG Diet

  • Avoid emotional stress that triggers anxiety and sadness.
  • Avoid dining in restaurants or partying in bars on Phase 2.
  • Look for environmental cues and avoid staying in the surroundings of foods.
  • Ensure you prepare your appetite during parties and weddings.
  • Avoid eating pizza, burgers, cookies, and chocolates.
  • Avoid starchy vegetables and sugary beverages.
  • Sugary cereals can also trigger your carb cravings during the HCG diet.
  • Avoid eating pasta, rice, banana, mango, and potato.
  • To avoid the triggers of carb cravings, ensure that you load the exact amount of protein and fiber.
  • Avoid dehydration because it triggers cravings for carbohydrates and other unhealthy treats. Drink at least two liters of water every day during the VLCD.

When Can you Load Back Carbs on the HCG Diet?

Carbohydrates and sugar are permissible on loading days. Avoid them when you start the second phase of the HCG diet. Nonetheless, you can introduce them back in your diet when you are approaching Phase 4 of the HCG diet. Ensure that you have enough information on meal planning and food portioning to prevent gaining back your weight.