HCG Diet


Metabolism is the burning of a particular number of calories each day. The high rate of metabolism is important if you are losing weight. The proper metabolism of calories can help in bodily function such as blood circulation. Your metabolism will lower your appetite during the HCG diet.

The benefits of healthy metabolism are having normal levels of blood pressure and sugar levels. The HCG will help in boosting your metabolism for faster weight loss. The HCG will reset your brain for a higher rate of metabolism. The high rate of metabolism will promote faster weight loss and proper digestion. This is mostly needed during the rapid fat burning on the HCG diet.

How to increase your metabolic rate on the HCG diet?

  • Add an exercise routine

Exercise can boost your metabolism. It can help you build and maintain your muscle mass. You are allowed to have an exercise routine on the HCG diet. However, you must be careful in doing your exercise and make sure to do it properly. The usual time duration of light exercises on the HCG diet is 10 to 15 minutes. Do not do your exercise if you are hungry.

  • Power Up with Proteins

Protein will allow your body to burn extra calories. It can also boost your metabolic rate during your weight loss. Protein can also boost your energy for the whole day. Protein builds and repairs tissues. It is important in building your bones, cartilage, and muscle. Protein choices such as lean meat will help you stay full and avoid hunger on your HCG diet.

  • Stay hydrated

Drink enough amount of water that is needed by your body. Hydration is very important especially during fat burning. It helps in boosting your metabolism and in taking off extra fats from your body. Stay away from soda, calorie-laden beverages, sugary drinks, and alcohol. This is because it can cause weight gain. You can also have coffee or tea as long as it is free from sugar. Unsweetened coffee and tea will help you take off stress. It can also help in increasing your metabolic rate.

  • Have a proper time of sleep

Sleeping will help you get through the stress. It can also prevent you from the effect of stress in your body. Proper sleep can help you with digestion and proper metabolism. This is because your body can increase the metabolism rate when it is at rest. The proper time of sleep can also help your body from proper digestion and distribution of nutrients.