Food addiction can cause binge eating. People with food addiction lose control of overeating. It means that the desire to eat is strong and can overpower you. Involving food when you are having a high-stress level is also one of the causes of food addiction. It is an eating behavior that affects your health and weight. Spending most of your time with the involvement of foods is a sign of food addiction.

The VLCD of the HCG diet

During Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you can only have 500 calories per day. You have to get those calories from healthy food choices. Through the VLCD you can be able to control your food addictions. During the VLCD you must incorporate your daily shots to curb hunger. This only means that you will feel less likely to get hungry during the second phase. Curbing hunger prevents you from eating too much.

How to end food addiction while doing the HCG diet?

  • Get rid of sugar and carbs

Sugar and carbs are two of the culprits of food addiction. Carbs and sugar contain influential calories that can cause food addictions. If you stop eating sugar and carbs the HCG will start to work in your body. Do not eat potatoes, rice, chocolates, burger, and bread. You must also avoid drinks that contain sugar such as fruit juices, soda, wine, etc.

  • Eat clean foods

Avoid eating high quantities of poor food choices. When you start having your HCG Injections you must also start with clean eating. Do not eat chocolates, chips, deep-fried meats, and other foods that undergo the process. Consume more on clean foods to be constant on your weight loss. Clean foods can also take off toxins that trigger your food addiction.

  • Remove Melba toast and Grissini in your VLCD meal

When food addictions continue during the VLCD you have to avoid Melba toast and Grissini. Replace their calories with something else to continue having 500 calories per day. You can replace the Melba toast and Grissini with fruits. It keeps you out of the occurrences of cravings or hunger. Make sure to pay attention to having lesser calories to stave off food addictions.

  • View the foods from a different perspective

Foods can aid you in having the right nutrients that your body needs. You must not view foods as a source of comfort to high-stress levels. During the HCG diet, you will have a new perspective on the foods that you eat. This means that you will learn to eat on time and eat the right foods. You will not eat for the sake of escaping from boredom. Eating foods in response to boredom or stress will make you more likely to gain weight.

  • Do not give time for cheat days

Food cheating is a way of consuming too many foods with high calories. This happens when you eat foods that are not allowed during the HCG diet. On the HCG diet, there is no such thing as “safe cheat days”. When you cheat on your foods you have to pay the price. Food cheating is equal to weight gain. It affects your VLCD and the hormone in dealing with your body fats.