Waist-Friendly Foods That You Can Snak on During The HCG Diet

Having a big appetite for food is hard to manage. When the foods you want to snack on can spike up the scale, you will be torn in between resistance or giving in. Take note that when you are on the HCG diet, you have to avoid food temptations. You should be an effective eater not just on major meals but also with snack foods.

The good thing about the HCG diet is it has a natural substitute for your unhealthy choices. It only means that snacking is still possible, and you can also enjoy delicious treats without adding calories to your diet. You admit it or not but there are days that you cannot go through without munching something. That is why the HCG diet offers low-calorie foods to snack on.

For sweet and waist-friendly snacks you can have:

  • Fruits- If you want something healthy and naturally sweet, you can snack on HCG diet-approved fruits. You can snack on apples, oranges, grapefruit, and berries. Avoid mixing them in one serving and do not purchase dried fruits. During the HCG diet, you should eat at least two servings of fruits per day.
  • Water or freshly squeezed fruit juice– It is not something that you can munch on but you can consider it as a snack beverage. Water or fresh fruit juice can fill up your stomach without adding an extra inch of your waistline. It is also a great option for cleansing and maintaining satiety during the VLCD. An example of a fruit squeeze is a fresh lemon fruit on cold water with stevia.
  • Grissini and Breadsticks- These are exceptions from bread and other foods that have loads of carbs. Grissini and breadsticks can also be your snack food during the HCG diet. You can have at least one breadstick or Grissini after your meal or during the snack period. They are low in a calorie that is why you can eat them while you are on the VLCD.
  • Eat some veggies- When you are hungry in between meals you can also serve a bowl of veggies. Ensure that you stay in 500 calories per day so. See to it that the vegetable you are eating is enough to stave off hunger.

How will you stave off sugar-cravings on an HCG diet?

Sugar-cravings are dangerous. It can impact your progress on weight loss during the HCG diet. To stave off sugar-cravings, ensure that you are eating a balanced meal. A diet rich in proteins can stave off cravings by controlling your blood sugar levels. Another way to avoid sugar-cravings is clearing your food storage from sugary and processed food products. Stay away from any foods that you cannot eat on the HCG diet to avoid severe food temptations.

The HCG acts as an appetite suppressant to maintain low-calorie intake in its second phase. It means that you are less likely to look for snack foods or go on binge-eating sessions. Stick to natural and organic products whenever you pick snack foods. Despite the drastic weight loss, you will not feel extreme hunger if you take your HCG regularly.