HCG injections are the most chosen way of the HCG diet. This is a method that gives rapid absorption. It is important to know the proper way of using the injection. Give yourself a safe and effective injection. Below are the few steps in using the injection correctly.

  1. Load the HCG syringe with the hormones. Pinch an area of fat tissue between your fingers. Wipe it with alcohol. HCG is given anywhere in the body where there is fat tissue. The common site of injection is the abdomen. This is because it is easy to see when you do it by yourself. Injection site depends on the comfort of the dieter.
  2. Inject a small needle while the skin is pinched. This is to be injected in the between fingers. Inject in all the way in 90 to 45-degree angle. Focus on what you are doing.
  3. If the needle is completely in the skin, push the plunger. Push it carefully and inject the medication.
  4. Keep it straight and remove it slowly. Remove it the same way as it is entered in the skin.
  5. Wipe the area with a cotton ball or tissue.

Consult your doctor for more questions about hcg injections. Avoid mistakes in doing the HCG diet. This is a successful protocol for over sixty years. It is easy to understand and simple. However, some of the dieters do a mistake. 

Mistakes you must avoid in using HCG

Failure to stick in the protocol- HCG diet protocol has provided the dos and don’ts. Avoid unhealthy food, seasoning, fruits, and cosmetics. Take time to familiarize the HCG diet protocol. Follow it closely as possible for it to work.

  • Wrong choices of veggies and fruits– Do not eat canned fruits and veggies. They contain preservatives that may ruin the diet. Choose organic products. Canned items have added sugar and fats. Any product that is can is less nutritious. The canning destroys the healthy factors of the product. Reap good health benefits by choosing the fresh ones.
  • Meats and beverages– HCG allows organic meat. It must be hormone and antibiotic free. Choose the cuts of meat that are in the HCG dietary plan. This will help you avoid unhealthy fats. Beverage on HCG diet is also limited. You are only allowed to have tea, coffee, and water. It must be sugar-free. Do not drink fruit juices and sodas. The only allowed sweetener is stevia. Stick to the simple beverages that are allowed in HCG diet.

The use of cooking oil– In some situations, you can use broth instead of oil. Other options include grilling. You can also steam and avoid the use of oils. Focus on using healthy oils such as olive and coconut.