Unlocking the Secret


Losing weight is hard. Where would you start? What will be the basis of the diet? It is important to know the basics of the hcg diet. HCG is known and proven by thousands of people. However, not everyone steps on the same road when it comes to losing weight. Let’s unlock the secret in understanding the protocol.

The Three Mystery boxes of HCG

  1. The HCG Phase 1– This is known as the loading phase. Loading will last for 2 days. This will help your body in detoxifying. Phase 1 will help you overcome cravings. Eat as much as you can. Phase 1 is the only time that you are allowed to eat anything. The rest of the HCG stages have restrictions.
  2. The HCG Phase 2 This is when the weight loss begins. Phase 2 is known as the “burning phase”. You will do the VLCD for 3 weeks or more than 42 days. Your body will start the burning of fats. Be excited to wear fitting clothes!
  3. The HCG Phase 3– This begins right away after burning. This is known as the maintenance phase. You will begin to eat normal foods. However, sugar and carbs are still not allowed.

After the 3 mystery stages comes the Phase 4. This is when you will eat for life! Phase 4 is the stabilization stage. It keeps your weight loss as you start to eat sugar and carbs. Live freely and eat healthily. This stage is for the rest of your life.

Brace yourself in this weight loss journey. A commitment is needed as you unlock your weight loss goal. These are the secrets that are known to the effective dieters. Secret tips are revealed to you. Make this as your guide in your HCG journey. Achieve weight loss goals through:

  • Sticking to the Diet- Stay on track of the HCG protocol. Do not be tempted. Keep out from fatty and sweet foods. Having these kinds of foods may cause sabotage.
  • Do not wait for starvation to knock– A 500 calorie per day is hard at first. You may feel starving. Your body will just get used soon. Avoid overeating by preparing a meal in advance. Do not wait when you starve. Eat the food as soon as you need to.
  • Tea and water for life– Green tea has shown its benefits. It is effective in fat loss. Green tea improves brain function. Water is the limitless thing in the HCG diet. It is a big help in curbing hunger. It keeps your body hydrated and energized.

Minimize fast foods- They are loaded with starches and sugar. Fast food has preservatives. This may lead you to cheat on your diet.