HCG Diet


The successful burning in Phase 2 is reining in your body. You will step in a crucial 3-week phase 3 of the protocol. A transition is when you will support the weight loss. This is the final stage of the HCG diet protocol. Follow the basic guidelines in the transition phase. You will slowly adjust to the final stage. In this phase, you must be very careful of the food choices that you are going to load up.

As the diet changes, your caloric intake also changes. Protein also should stay the same or may increase. However, make sure that there will be no overeating occurs.

Here are some points to do in the transition phase.

  • Bring calories slowly in the body- This is the time that you will introduce more foods in the body. The caloric intake will be raised. Watch out for all the foods that are taken. This is a crucial stage because you will introduce foods that are new again in the body.
  • Increase Protein- In increasing calories, you need to increase the protein too. But, do not do a fast loading of protein that may cause overeating. Protein is an important thing in the body.
  • No carbs and sugar- Foods are introduced back in the body except sugar and carbs. This can only be done when the weight is totally stable. Avoid these kinds of food as possible as you can. Staying away from carbs and sugar will help in the transitioning.
  • Gradually increase the time of the light exercise- In Phase 2, 10 minutes of light exercise is allowed. In the Transition Phase, you are advised to do longer light exercise. This is because you are already increasing the caloric intake. This means that your body has enough energy for this. Doing exercise can improve weight maintenance. Take note that there will be no heavy training allowed in the HCG diet.
  • Think less and do better- Overthinking may cause emotional pressure. Instead of stressing your mind out, you have to do better. Follow all the guidelines without slipping off. Doing better in the HCG diet has the most percentage of success. Stop focusing on the destructive things around you. Instead, focus on what you are going to do for a good benefit. Read and apply all the HCG diet guidelines for better results.

More benefits of Exercise in the Transition Phase

This is usually done in 3 to 5 times per week. Exercise can help in keeping the weight loss that is achieved. It improves and guards the cardiovascular system and boost the energy level. Light exercise in HCG not just supports the diet but also the weight. This is an enjoyable and beneficial guide in keeping weight loss. Consult the doctor before engaging in any exercises.