Tracking your Progress on the HCG Diet

Tracking your Progress on the HCG Diet

Seeing a fast result on the HCG diet is encouraging and, it helps you do more. It gives specific details of the weight loss and gains throughout the process. Tracking your HCG diet must include the foods you eat, your activities, and daily progress in reaching your goals. It is essential as it aids in maintaining a safe weight loss.

Does Tracking your Weight loss Aids in Shedding Pounds?

Tracking your weight loss has no direct effects on reaching and burning your fats. It assists you in implementing the HCG diet properly. When you monitor the meals you eat, your activities, you reduce the risk of gaining excess weight. When you record the food and activities you are doing each day, it helps you manage your weight.

Benefits of Tracking your Foods on the HCG Diet

Track your foods and your serving sizes every meal to control your calorie intake. Record the items you eat throughout the P2 of the HCG diet. Here are some advantages of tracking your foods:

  • It teaches accountability
  • Creates awareness
  • It shows that you are doing well or not
  • It shows how much you eat and what you eat
  • It also specifies the frequency of eating you have per day
  • Tracking your food detects tolerance and indulgences
  • It helps in weight loss

Why do you need to Track your Progress on the HCG Diet?

Tracking your progress rewards your commitment through encouraging results.

Here are the benefits of keeping a weight loss journal on the HCG diet:

  • Help in balancing nutrients. Tracking makes you wise with your food choices. It allows you to eat a well-balanced level of protein, fiber, and other nutrients you need during the HCG diet.
  • You learn to be accountable. You are liable for whatever happens to your progress. When you eat unhealthy foods or slip into unhealthy habits, you are at risk of gaining weight.
  • It identifies your area of struggle. The VLCD is an intimidating Phase for beginners. Tracking your weight loss helps you identify the part where you are struggling. When you record your activities and pitfalls, you can determine which part you need to develop or stop.
  • It serves as a daily reminder. When you track your diet, you can see if you are improving or not. It will remind you to do more and avoid the unhealthy things to shed pounds. Tracking your weight loss reminds you of your commitment to improving your health.
  • Help in establishing healthy habits. Keeping a record of your food and exercise assist in creating healthy habits. Your daily weight loss routine will be part of your habits and, you can bring them even after your HCG diet.

How will you Track your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?

Provide a weighing scale so that you can weigh yourself every morning as you get up. You can also use body tape measures and a food scale. When you assess your foods, it helps in lowering your calorie intake and boosting your progress.