To avoid a hard time doing the second phase of the HCG diet you have to follow some easy steps. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally to start it right. This means that you must give up some of your old habits especially those that hinder you from losing weight. Maintaining your HCG Injections must be part of the process along with the VLCD. You can make your VLCD more productive and successful.

How to make Phase 2 of the HCG diet productive?

  • Understand the purpose of VLCD

The purpose of the second phase of the HCG diet is to jumpstart the work of the HCG in your body. It guides you in shifting from old habits to developing a healthy one. Implementing the VLCD must not be blue and miserable. The HCG diet is a fun and productive phase because you will be starting a new lifestyle. This is the part of the HCG diet that you can visibly see the progress of your weight loss every day. Enforce a strict but not depriving regimen to follow.

  • Eat foods but avoid overeating

During the second phase of the HCG diet, you have not deprived form eating foods. You just have to manage your food portions and food choices. This means that you can eat foods as long as you stick to the 500 calorie requirements per day. Avoid calorie-rich foods because it triggers leads to form up fats in your fat stores.

Eat while you can but avoid overeating. You can enjoy your foods but make sure you are tracking your food intake. Be watchful on binge eating sessions because it will hit your weight loss badly. Take into considerations that the more you stick to the diet track the more you reach greater weight loss.

  • Take your injections regularly

Do not start your day without having your HCG shots. Injection of the HCG in the morning must be your most important ritual. The HCG injection can help deal with the urge to eat too much food. It is also responsible for burning your body fats and preserving your muscle mass. You cannot do the VLCD without the daily shot of the hormone.

  • Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy by doing things that do not involve food. Hunger can occur out of boredom. If you keep yourself busy with other things you are at less risk of feeling hungry.  Be careful with your activities when you keep yourself busy. Make sure that you are not spending more energy in doing things. You just need simple things such as cleaning your bed, reading a book, or reading emails. These are simple ways to be able to stay occupied to avoid hunger.

  • Avoid stress and negative emotions

Stress and negative vibe can onset hunger. This kind of hunger is caused by emotional tension in your emotions. Avoid anything that may cause you severe stress and trigger your overeating tendencies. Clear your mind from a stressful situation. There are healthy coping techniques that will help you relieve stress instead of eating comfort foods. You can take an hour of sleep, meditation, and a short walk.