There are important things you need to incorporate while taking the HCG injections. One of these is to incorporate 500 calorie intake per day. The HCG diet requires a proper procedure that is easy to follow. It will help you get through the VLCD without failing. The most important thing is the HCG solution that you should always have. You must prepare your HCG kit that is good for the duration of your VLCD.

The importance of the HCG shot

The HCG shot is responsible for burning your body fats. It will help your body maintain energy while you are cutting down your calorie intake. The HCG shot will work in your system by resetting your metabolism to mobilize fats. The burned fats will then become a source of energy for your body’s function. This means that you do not need to consume too much food to gain energy. The HCG is also responsible for suppressing your appetite and helps in curbing hunger.

Things you must do while taking the HCG shots

  • Track your weight every day- You can track your weight every morning using the weighing scale. This process is very important when you’re taking the HCG shots. Tracking your weight helps you to keep a trace of your progress every day. The weighing scale will be your instrument to see if there are some stalls or gains. Keep a record of your daily weigh-ins on your diet journal.
  • Weigh your foods before cooking– Do not estimate the foods you will eat through your eyes. You have to weigh your foods raw so that you will get the right portion. Weighing the foods is important especially on lean meat choices. Maintain proper food portions so that the HCG can also work in your system. For lean meats, you can have 200 grams per day. See to it that you trim all the visible fats before cooking.
  • Do not use cooking oils- In preparing your foods it is important to follow the safe method. Do not soak your foods in oil and fat to prevent weight gain. There are cooking methods you can follow which keeps your food safe. You can boil, grill, or steam your foods. These are safe cooking methods that make you enjoy some delicious treats without adding more calories to your meal. Do not use cooking oils because it will interfere with the HCG in your body.
  • Go organic and natural– On your VLCD, you have to skip all the processed foods. It’s because foods that undergo processing contains additives and preservatives. It can destroy your health and the stability of your weight loss. Go for organic or natural foods throughout the weight loss program. Avoid sugars, oils, and starches. You can replace every unhealthy food with the HCG diet approved vegetables and fruits.

Maintain proper hydration per day during the VLCD. Water is as important as your HCG shots. It keeps your stomach full and maintains the proper flow of blood in your system. As per Dr. Simeons’ protocol, you must drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It prevents cravings and dehydration.