HCG Diet


Interruptions are done for a very important reason. You can do this during the HCG diet. However, you have to be careful because you might gain weight. An interruption is done carefully along with the intake of 800 calories per day. This is done after the 20 days of your Phase 2.

You have to avoid various foods to successfully do the interruptions. You have to avoid sugar and carbs to avoid weight gain. Gradually increase your intake of calories to give your body time to adjust. You cannot do interruptions any time you want because this is only done for emergency reasons. You must get back on your diet track as soon as your interruption period is over. Make sure that you do not gain weight before you restart your diet.

What are the things you must stop doing during interruptions on the HCG diet?

  • Stop your indulgences- Your indulgences are the main cause of weight gain. Indulgences will because you eat too many calories. Do not indulge to process foods. This is because it is loaded with calories, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients.
  • Do not forget to check food labels– Take care of your eating style during interruptions. Checking food labels can help in keeping off unhealthy food ingredients. HCG diet does not allow any food that has chemicals and preservatives. You are encouraged to continue to load on healthy food choices during interruptions. The eating style you must do during interruptions is like Phase 3. You have to load on more foods but with a controlled portion and calories.
  • Stop your heavy exercises– Heavy physical activities do not help in weight loss. It can only harm your body especially during the controlled intake of calories. Heavy exercises will consume most of your energy. This will make you worn out. Heavy exercises are an open door of cravings and hunger pain. Continue to do light exercises instead of the heavy ones. Light exercises can help you burn extra calories. It can also maintain your stress level low and boost your mood.
  • Stop your intake of liquid calories– Liquid calories can sabotage your weight loss. This can make you gain weight during the interruptions. You have to stop from loading on soda, juices, alcohol and other processed drinks. You have to stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water. This can help you maintain your weight loss. Water can also help you suppress your appetite during the interruption period. Water can also help you avoid water retention that causes you to gain weight.