A Friendly Reminder While on the HCG Diet

  1. Intentional Cheating– This is the biggest rival of the HCG dieters. HCG is unlike other diet programs. You cannot cheat on the HCG diet because it will cause a disaster. Cheating on HCG will make you gain weight as fast as you want to lose it. It will take you 2 to 3 days to be back on the weight before you do cheating. Do not waste your effort and money by cheating. Remind yourself to be patient. It is all worth it in the end.
  2. The non-HCG diet safe items– Be careful with the lotions, lipstick and other cosmetics you’re using. Anything that has Vitamin E gel on your makeups may rob your weight loss. It is important to watch out the products that you are using.
  3. Not following the exact food serving– This is known as the non-intentional cheating. Dr. Simeons has created the HCG diet food list. These foods are the only allowed foods in the diet duration. The food item in the HCG Protocol has the correct size of the serving.
  4. Drinking the not allowed drinks– HCG diet only allows water, tea, and coffee. It must be sugar-free. The only sweetener that is approved is Stevia. The other kind of drink has non-HCG diet friendly ingredients.
  5. Spice no more– It may sound absurd, but spices can slow the weight loss. This is one of the top reasons why dieters gain weight. Some dieters do not do it on purpose. But, spices will make you lose in track. There are allowed spices on HCG. However, you must be careful about it.
  6. Hard-working-workout– Exercise is part of our life. However, the HCG diet does not allow exercise. Working out will just lead you to starvation. You will just end up eating too much than what is allowed. You are only allowed to have a short walk. HCG can make you lose weight without working hard. HCG does make a big difference!
  1. Failure to weigh every morning– Stepping on the scale will become part of your routine. Weighing will help you know if you gain or lose weight. This is done every morning as soon as you get up. Weighing will help you fix the weight gain as soon as possible. This will assess you on how far you have been in the HCG diet.
  2. Fast-eating– This is what we called cheating. Yes! Cheating again and over again. This is an attitude of a crazy-diet. Stay on track and follow the HCG protocol. There is no game in here but you’ll surely win if you persevere. Feel strong, lose weight and be healthy. That’s the promise of HCG.