HCG Diet


You did your best but the scale does not move. You have given all the efforts left in you. However, do not give up easily. The weight loss slows down because of various factors. There are sneaky things that really mess up your weight loss. The usual cause of slow weight loss is bad eating habits. Late night meal can also cause big trouble in weight loss. Slow weight loss is the most frustrating thing of a dieter. Sometimes you cannot even figure out what is the cause of the slow weight loss.

Be careful about the snacking style. Eating is not just about the number of foods you load on. It is also about how you load on to foods. The loading style is also one factor that causes weight gain and slow weight loss. Do not snack in front of the TV or computer. This will make you load on to unhealthy foods. You will also load on too many calories than what is needed to buy the body. There also times that you reach the plateau. It is when the body stops from shedding pounds. The plateau usually happens in the endpoint of the VLCD. It is because the body has shed enough pounds to be burned. This is a go signal to proceed to Phase 3 of the HCG diet.

Stress can also hold weight loss. It will cause the body to gain weight from time to time. It has several effects on the mind and the body. Stress can lead to fat storing. Stress can control the feelings of a person. Thus, allow a person to have mindless eating. It is also a cause of stress eating. Stress eating is a style of loading that allows a person to find comfort in foods. It allows the body to deposit unhealthy fats in most part of the body. These parts are hard to reach for other diet regimens. However, the HCG diet is designed to target the stubborn fats in these parts of the body. It takes off the fats that are not reached before.

Track the cause of the weight loss delay. As soon as you see that there is no improvement, assess yourself right away. Check your diet journal. Your diet journal will keep a record of the foods that you are eating. This may help you in tracking the cause of the delayed weight loss. Check the food labels before you eat. Do not forget to observe the proper food portion and calorie counting.