HCG Diet


HCG diet is the time where you embrace healthy weight loss. This is when your body learns to adjust proper eating. Hunger is still possible during the first few days of the HCG diet. However, the HCG aids in lowering your possibility of getting hungry. The HCG is also responsible for the supplication of your energy during the VLCD.

You must know the factors that can cause hunger during your weight loss. Dealing with the causes of hunger will keep you out from slipping. The HCG will help your body adjust to the caloric intake.

Things that cause hunger during the HCG diet

  • Failure to maintain a diet routine

There is a bigger possibility that you will slip if you do not follow a routine. Having a routine has various benefits in keeping off hunger and cravings. It will also keep you out from stress. Stress has a negative effect on your body, especially in your eating style. HCG diet routine will help you plan in your meal and helps you deal with hunger right away.

  • Eating unhealthy food to curb hunger

Unhealthy food takes off your hunger for a minute. However, it does not curb hunger for a long time. Unhealthy foods are the main cause of the delay of weight loss in the HCG diet. The ingredients of the unhealthy food choices are the cause of cravings and hunger pains.

Load on to vegetable or fruit if you are physically hungry during the HCG diet. Make sure to eat one kind of vegetable in each serving. Do not mix different kinds of HCG vegetable in one meal setting. There are various choices of vegetable and fruits that can help you stay in the 500 calorie diet.

  • Eating too much calories

Weight gain or delay commonly happens during the VLCD. This is because you fail to count the calorie of each food serving. Too many calories can also cause hunger and cravings. If you exceed the limit of the intake of calories you will surely gain weight. Too much calories do affect the ability of the HCG hormones in curbing your hunger and it burning your body fats.

Make sure to track your intake of calories especially if you are on the VLCD. You are also not allowed to eat lesser calories because it can cause constant hunger. Bring a meal with you if you go somewhere. This will keep you off from buying foods in restaurants and food chains.