HCG Diet


The weight loss plateau is normal even on the HCG diet. It will occur no matter how committed you are on the diet. There are reasons why it occurs in the midst of weight loss. Weight loss plateau is when the weight loss stops. This is a situation where you neither gain weight nor lose any pounds. The causes of weight loss plateaus are sometimes because of the food. Some of it is caused by natural hormones in the body that is telling you that you have reached the goal.

If there is a plateau in weight loss, you do not have to panic. Some of it is caused by water retention. This is common for women who are experiencing menstruation. However, this will be just gone after a couple of days. There are also cases that it is caused by lack of sleep. There are ways on how to stop or avoid weight loss plateaus.

Get more sleep- lack of sleep can trigger insulin resistance, this will eventually relate to weight gain. Having enough sleep will add energy and refreshes the body. It can also give the body time to relax and take time in proper metabolism. Having enough sleep is beneficial in relieving stress that affects the weight loss process.

Check the foods- There are cases that you may eat foods that are not allowed in the weight loss process. There are foods that can cause weight gain and there are also foods that cause weight loss plateaus. You have to check properly the foods that you are going to serve. Always see to it that the foods you have are the exact items in the HCG diet food list.

Think of your nutrition and your weight loss. There are rapid weight loss products that are harmful. This is because it affects the nutritional requirements of the body. The HCG diet has restriction in the calorie intake but not in the nutritional values of the foods. It is because the only allowed foods on the HCG diet are the foods that would hit the nutritional requirements of the body each day.

You do not have to load on too many calories because it will just cause weight gain. The best and proper loading of foods is doing the organic ones. It will help you in shifting to proper habits and eating lifestyle. Calories have a big impact on weight loss sabotage. It will also affect in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.