HCG Diet


What are the benefits of a low-calorie diet? Very low-calorie diet help you live longer. Thus, prevents chronic disease. Restricted calorie diet is essential as we age. HCG’s VLCD protect us from getting illnesses that are caused by obesity. It extends our life span as we diet healthily.

HCG acts on the metabolic rate. It lowers the free radicals and fights against diseases. HCG protocol is an anti-aging weapon. It promotes healthy and fresh foods while losing weight. Losing weight is important to live longer. HCG will help in the weight loss goal. It is accompanied by a very low-calorie diet. This will help you in the rapid fat burning. Eat and weigh less to live longer.

Consult a doctor before entering the VLCD of the HCG diet. This will help you find out if your body is ready for fat burning. Cutting food portions without nutritional advice is not allowed. That’s why; HCG has provided healthy guidelines and tips for the diet. HCG will use the fat stores as source of energy while burning them.

Benefits of HCG Very Low-calorie Diet

  • It helps the working of HCG Hormones- This is one of the important factors in weight loss. There is a limit of 500 calories per day. This will help the HCG in burning fats. It also allows you to eat and maintain healthy lifestyle.
  • You will stay healthy- VLCD has dietary guidelines for you to stay healthy. Meals for balance diet are on the list. It allows you to embrace fruits and veggies. This is a healthy step to give your foods that will extend your life. HCG prevents you from eating processed foods. It allows you to eat fresh and live in a healthy way.
  • Feel at Your Best- a very low-calorie diet makes you feel good. There is an assurance that you feel best every day. HCG meals are also a good source of energy. You will wake up each morning better as you see your weight loss. HCG meals promote a strong immune system. Thus, it fights against sickness.

HCG’s Low-calorie diet keeps you from the risk of cancer. This is because of the foods that you are loading. You are able to discipline yourself in healthy living.  Calorie restriction is hard at first. However, it is beneficial as you stay longer in the diet. You will feel light and free. “You are what you eat”. If you eat healthily you’ll live healthily. Do not engage yourself in overeating. Avoid cheating while you are on the diet. You will not just gain weight but you’ll also get sick. Chose to live longer, chose HCG as part of your goal.