HCG Diet


The steak day usually happens in phase 3 of the HCG diet. This is designed to counter-attack the weight gain. Dr. Simeons created this style to reverse weight gain. A steak day is proven in weight stabilization. It keeps the weight goal on track and be achieved. During Phase 3, the body is learning to maintain the new weight. This is through the help of healthy eating habits. Phase 3 is when you are consuming veggies and proteins and other sources of nutrients. You still have to avoid starches and sugar. Check the food labels to get rid of sugar.

If things turn away from your goal, you need to take action. Recover the weight by doing the steak day. Do the steak day by only eating at night. The rule of the steak day is drinking water throughout the day and enjoys a large steak on dinner. This is will result in a weight drop. Make sure to remove the visible fats in the steak before cooking. Eating steak at night is a low-calorie day and low protein digestion. This helps the system move and get back on track the next day. Remember that steak day is for the weight to drop off. However, this is not helpful in targeting fats in the body.

The goal for Phase 3

In Phase 3 you eat sugar and carbs free foods. This Is to be done in the first three weeks after VLCD. This is to maintain the weight loss. Thus, losing more weight is not allowed in here. The body and metabolism are resetting during the time frame. Weigh yourself every day. This is to be able to track the weight of the body. Be very careful in the intake of foods in this phase. This is to avoid doing a steak day. The morning weight is important on steak day. This shows the work of the steak in the body. Do not postpone the protocol until the next day.

How to avoid a steak day?

  • Do not skip meals—be careful on food portioning
  • Finish the dinner before bedtime
  • Stay away from refined foods—choose the organic foods
  • Check all the food labels before eating
  • Count the calories—Food portioning is very important
  • Stay away from fat intake during Phase 2 of the diet
  • Keep your eyes close on restricted foods
  • Handle the cravings as much as possible

Why do we need organic foods?

This is allowed to avoid consuming the things that appear in craving. Cravings are the root cause of obesity or overweight. Avoid man-made ingredients at the best you can. Obesity and weight gain are caused by fats. These are usually found in unhealthy ingredients.