HCG Diet


Weight loss usually affects the elasticity of the skin. However, with HCG diet your skin glow will still remain even in weight loss. Your skin appearance will improve because the HCG will only target your fats. HCG does not touch important area in your body such as your skin. It maintains your skin’s normal look and makes it more elastic and healthy.

The dos and don’ts in maintaining skin health during HCG diet?

  • Do not use oil-based products– Most of the cosmetics products in the market are oil-based products. Check all the ingredients of the products that you are going to purchase.
  • Exfoliate your skin– HCG diet burns and takes off fats and toxins from the parts of your body. Most of the toxins are taken off through sweat and dead cells. Remove the dead cells from the surface of your skin. Breaks up impurities and wash it away by brushing. Skin exfoliation is healthy during your HCG diet.
  • Do not prolong your stress– Deal with stress right away because it can affect skin health and your weight. Stress can trigger hormones in your body that allows overproduction of oil. Oily skin can cause acne and other skin problems. Make sure to have healthy surroundings and keep out from pollutants. Dirty surrounding does not just cause stress but also skin problems.
  • Use mineral oil- Mineral oil is allowed during your HCG diet. It stops the clogging of your skin pores. Mineral oil goes into your skin and lowers inflammation. Mineral oil also prevents irritation and will give your skin a steady and fresh supply of water.
  • Stay hydrated– Water is vital in maintaining the freshness of your skin. Water plays a major role in your HCG diet and skin health. Your entire body depends on water that is why you need to avoid getting dehydrated.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables- Stay away from processed foods. Choose fruits and vegetables because it can work wonders in your skin. Your HCG fruit choices can increase the elasticity of your skin. Fruits and vegetable can also refresh your dull skin. Your HCG fruits and vegetable choices are rich in vitamin E that heals skin tissues.
  • Stop eating fried foods– Saturated fats can be found in fried foods. It will cause major skin problems. HCG diet will help in detoxifying the entire body including your skin. Thus, help your skin become clearer and prevents the attack of toxins. Oily foods can harm not just your body but also your health.