HCG Diet


HCG diet is a weight loss process that starts with 2 days loading. The 2 days of loading requires massive amounts of food to fill in the body. How much food is enough for the loading phase? What will be the kinds of food you are going to eat more? The high-fat meal on phase 1 is to allow the hormones to start in circulating the body.  The loading phase is very important to do because it is the first part of the weight loss process. The burning of fats starts as soon as the hormones are in the body. It will start to circulate even if you are still on the first day of phase 1. This will also prepare the body so that you will not feel any hunger if you start the VLCD. What’s important is that you will load the high-fat foods and proteins.

Here are some secrets in doing the loading phase

The healthy loading- The kind of food that you are going to eat are those that benefit the body. High fat loading is promoted in this phase so you have the choice to make. The healthy choice of loading fats is simply choosing good fats. These are fats that are beneficial in health such as cardiovascular health. You can focus on a healthy source of fats such as nuts, avocados, coconut oils, butter, and cheese. These are just an example of fatty foods.

The “Say Goodbye” Loading- This is the way of eating that as if it will be the last. This is because you will not be eating the kind of food for a long time. The say-goodbye loading is eating the foods that you will be stopping during and after the diet. These foods are commonly processed and unhealthy foods. This is to eliminate the certain foods that you used to eat that cause you to gain weight and shape. This is an important shape to do a lifestyle change. You can enjoy these foods for the last time. Make sure that you will not go back in eating such food items when you are in the VLCD or any moment of the HCG diet. You are only allowed to eat this in the loading phase of the HCG diet. Eat rich foods that will maintain the fullness of the body throughout the day. If you load with carbs make sure to eat it with the high-fat ingredient.