HCG Diet


This is your time to return to the world of food. The HCG diet process is finished. You will be the one to decide on what to eat and how much to load. It is now your choices and responsibility to maintain the weight you lose. Diet is nothing without maintenance. You will work on weight loss. Maintenance must not be boring or difficult. Remember that HCG has taught you what foods you are going to load on. Be careful about the foods that you are going to eat. It may lead you back to your giant pants.

What is the Purpose of phase 4?

One of the main goals of phase 4 is to avoid getting back on the diet. This is the time that a dieter must maintain the weight on his own. You will be looking forward to a new and healthy lifestyle. Phase 4 is when you will reload on carbs and sugar in the diet. This requires caloric control for each load. You will able to learn the effect of calorie in your weight.

In loading carbs and sugar, make sure to avoid white foods. Example of white foods is rice, pasta, flour, and bread. Choose organic food as much as possible. The carbs and sweets you must load on must come from fruits, whole grains, and veggies. If you feel that you gained weight, you can do a steak day. Phase 4 is more on adjustment especially on planning a meal. Choose foods that are available around you that do not add your weight.

The goal of this phase

Your goal in this phase must be a healthy eating lifestyle. This will help you maintain the weight forever. Stick on your meal discipline even you go out on a party or other special occasions. We would love to know how you find your HCG diet journey. Losing weight involves the process to make sure that the fats won’t come back again. You will also create your own exercise to burn calories if you feel like gaining.

You need to eat mindfully in to track your weight. Be aware of the portion control of the foods that you are going to eat. Stay hydrated even if you are out of the diet. This will help you in dealing with overeating. To eat mindfully you must:

  • Avoid interruptions and temptations—turn off the phones of TV
  • Eat on the dining table—this will help you focus on eating
  • Start with small portion sizes of food—avoid serving a family-sized meal
  • Be aware of your hunger- make sure that it is not craving
  • Do not deprive yourself—always check your weight in a weighing scale
  • Cope up with your emotions