HCG Diet


After doing the loading phase or phase 1 comes phase 2. This is another 26 to 46 days that includes VLCD. The calories in this phase are lowered up to 500 calories per day. This is done after the 3 days loading. The first day of the HCG diet is the loading part. It is when you have to load on as much food as you can. The loading phase lasts for 3 days. The phase 2 or the VLCD is a bit intimidating for the first time dieters. However, the intimidation is just in the first few days on the hcg diet. The VLCD is done along with the HCG hormones so that you can assure the safety of the diet.

The VLCD is hard at first, however, as soon as the brain is set it will be easy to do. HCG does bring physical and psychological effects to every dieter. These effects are for the benefit of the body as well as the health through weight loss. This time you will lower the intake of the calories. The HCG duet itself will help in the appetite suppressant as well as handling of cravings or hunger pains. The HCG will provide all the majority of the energy needed for the body. IN the absence of carbs, the hormones will sustain the needed nutrients as well as the energy needed for the system to work.

The first few days of the HCG diet, you will get used for the routine. You will get used to drinking water and proper meal portion. The body will shift from overeating to VLCD. That is why you need to have water to stay hydrated and full. Dehydration is dangerous and is possible in a low-calorie diet. One of the basic things you can do for a healthy diet is to stay hydrated.

You can eat 3 to five times a day to stay full. The 500 calorie diet can be split into five portions. You can have 100 calories for each meal or snack time. Keep the metabolism at work. You can also create some techniques to stay full in the VLCD. In the third or fourth day of the diet, you will feel better. This is because the body is already getting used to the caloric intake as well as the controlled portions. This is also the time the HCG fills and work in the body. The water can help you feel less hungry. The HCG Diet can also help in curbing hunger and hunger pains. The first few days of the HCG diet is about adjusting and getting used to new routines.