HCG Diet


Your fats are burned by controlling your intake of calories. You cannot lose weight if fats and calories are too much. HCG diet will reach your weight loss goal by the help of the diet protocol. There are no such things as losing weight in a snap. Everything is being worked out and maintained. The main protocol of the HCG diet is to control your intake of calories. You also have to stop on loading fatty foods so that you can reach your weight loss goal.

What are the effects of fat and calories during the HCG diet?

  • It triggers weight gain– The main effect of fat and calorie is weight gain. Calories promote a rapid build-up of fats in different parts of your body.
  • It will delay your weight loss– Your weight loss will be stopped because too many calories can sabotage your HCG. Weight loss is impossible if there is too much amount of calories.
  • Your body will be at risk– It triggers diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. This is because the HCG cannot work properly in weight loss because of the interruptions.

How does the fat form in your body?

The fat is formed because of the high intake of calories. Fat is one of the six nutrients your body needs. These fatty nutrients provide calories that are needed for the energy of your body. However, your body will store too much fat if you gain more calories. Your excess calories will immediately be stored and form as body fats. This will eventually ruin your HCG. Fats can raise your blood cholesterol and makes you gain weight. Fat often comes with high-calorie but are very low in nutrients.

High calories can cause weight gain during HCG diet

Calories can also be found in fat-free foods. Too much intake of calories can rapidly lead to weight gain. The foods that have high-calories are usually less nutritious. The cutting of calories on the HCG diet is made carefully for your weight loss success. Calories have the same effect with carbs and fats. That is why you need to control your intake of calories during the HCG diet.

To stop the build-up of fats you have to load healthy food choices. This includes your HCG fruits, vegetable, and meat choices. Your healthy eating will help you’re the diet hormone in taking off unwanted fats. It will target the stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of your body.