Alcohol addiction is a common concern during the HCG diet. It may be fun and important in social life but it can cause weight gain. Drinking alcohol becomes addictive when you start enjoying the relaxation it brings. When you start the HCG diet you have to quit drinking alcoholic beverages.

Can you drink alcohol during the HCG diet?

You cannot drink alcohol during the HCG diet. You cannot have it, especially during the very low-calorie phase. Alcohol can stop the progress of your weight loss. It can also deposit more calories which becomes body fats in the long run. If you are used to drinking alcohol before you must send it as soon as the HCG diet starts. For the best result with your HCG diet you must avoid every beverage that contains alcohol.

The effects of alcohol in your body during the VLCD

  • It deposits too many calories

A gram of alcohol contains more calories than protein or carbs. It also contains more calories than eating fatty foods. Too much calorie deposition in your body leads to the formation of fats. This means that you will be gaining weight because of drinking alcohol. A glass of wine for example has 90 calories and liquor has 100 calories. Imagine having these calories almost every day or having a beer that contains 150 calories per glass. It is too many calories which makes you end up ruining your diet.

  • Drinking alcohol stimulates your appetite

After drinking a bottle or two you will start to feel hunger. Hunger is very common when you drink alcoholic beverages. You will start to feel cravings for appealing foods such as fried and greasy meats. When you start drinking alcohol you are also incorporating unhealthy snacking such as eating pizza and chips. This only means that you are not only getting calories from the beverages but also with the foods you eat. You might consume several calories of junk food you weren’t planning on eating.

  • Alcohol stops the mechanism of the HCG

The HCG is responsible for suppressing your appetite and resetting your metabolism. However, when you drink alcoholic beverages the mechanism of the hormone is gone. That is why you will feel hunger. It also slows down the progress of your weight loss. Your metabolism will also slow down because your body will be busy digesting alcohol instead of the foods you eat. Your body will fail to use the burned fats as your source of energy.

  • Drinking alcohol affects sleep

Drinking alcohol makes you feel tired because it affects your energy levels. The effects of this will be an interruption in sleeping or sleeplessness. Lack of sleep increases your appetite and you will tend to snack at night. It can also increase your stress levels or make you less active during the day. When these things happen you are likely to eat or crave more.

Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages, you can start to adapt to healthy choices. The HCG diet only allows low to zero-calorie drinks such as water or sugar-free tea and coffee. Maintain your hydration so that you can prevent cravings or hunger.