The Dos and Don’ts while Taking the HCG Shots

The Dos and Don’ts while Taking the HCG Shots

HCG diet may seem like a lot of processes but, it does not complicate the dieters. There are restrictions that one must follow to lose weight. The rules of the HCG diet are straightforward to giving dos and don’ts as you begin your weight loss program. It will help you adhere to the protocol and reach your goals.

The protocol of the HCG diet is essential during the low-calorie phase as it prevents you from pitfalls. Apart from maintaining a very low-calorie diet, there are more things you need to follow during the HCG diet.

What are the Dos of the HCG Diet?

  1. Check the ingredients. It is not only to your food but also to cosmetics and other products you use on the HCG diet. Avoid products with oils, sugar, and fats that may inhibit the work of the HCG diet.
  2. Split up your meals. Avoid the occurrence of hunger by being wise on your food portions. Avoid eating the 500 calorie meal all at once because you can split it up into five servings. It will help you ease the symptoms of starvation and keep you full.
  3. Choose the approved sweeteners. Stevia is the safest sweetener that you can use on the HCG diet. It is a plant-based product that mimics the taste of sugar. It does not cause issues on the HCG diet.
  4. Weigh your food before cooking. It is vital to get the right portion you need from every food group. Weighing controls your calorie intake and prevents weight gain.
  5. Take your HCG shots. Before you drink your breakfast coffee, ensure that you administer your HCG injections to prevent hunger. Start your day right by following proper meal flow.

What are the Don’ts of the HCG Diet?

  1. Do not drink sugary beverages. The approved drinks you can have on the HCG diet are tea, coffee, and water. Sodas, wine, alcohol, fruit juices, and other sugary beverages are not permissible as it causes weight gain.
  2. Do not eat foods when you are cravings. Starvation and cravings are different. They do not come in one origin. The cause of hunger is a signal of your body that you need to eat food. The cravings occur because of stress and emotional tension. Eating foods in response to emotional stress can cause weight gain.
  3. Do not skip your meal. Missing a meal does not help in reaching your weight loss goal. It causes nutritional deficiency and weight loss fluctuations. On the HCG diet, you only have to cut down your calorie intake. It does not mean that you have to avoid eating foods.
  4. Do not mix vegetables. Combining different types of vegetables in one meal will end up having too many calories. It is because vegetables differ in calorie count. Focus on how much you are eating to prevent overloading.
  5. Do not combine all servings in one meal. Avoid eating all the 500 calorie meals all at once as it will leave you nothing when you get hungry. Portion your meals into equal sizes to have something to grab when you are starving.