HCG Diet


Weight gain usually happens when you load on too much calorie and fatty foods. Too much calories can also affect your body’s physical activity. However, it is normally expected during the HCG diet. This happens even how well you do on your HCG diet. It is because there are natural situations that can cause weight gain such as water retention. Water retention usually happens to women during their menstruation.

Weight gain because of too much intake of calories and unhealthy habits is another issue. You must deal with this situation right away. This is because it will be harder for you to lose weight on the HCG diet if you prolong your weight gain. There are common things that you must stop doing to avoid weight gain. These common things can affect your HCG diet and eating style.

What are the causes of weight gain on your HCG diet?

  • Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can cause stress and unstable mood. This oftentimes causes to find comfort in eating unhealthy food choices. Sleep deprivation constantly causes emotional eating. Emotional eating is one way of comforting you from restlessness. Lack of sleep can increase your appetite and also your stress hormones. This eventually leads to natural weight gain.

  • Water retention

This is a build-up of fluid inside your body. This usually happens to women during menstruation. It is the puffiness or a bloated feeling that you may feel during your period. Water retention will be just gone as soon as your menstruation stops. Stick to healthy eating during this period and stay away from high sodium. You can also drink more water because it can take off the effect of water retention.

  • Slow metabolism

Slow metabolism happens if you continue to eat unhealthy food. Get moving and engage in activities that can raise your metabolic rate. Load on fiber and protein to help boost your metabolism during the HCG diet. Proteins help achieve a healthy metabolism and digestion. Maintain your HCG shot and make sure to have the exact dose. The HCG helps in resetting your metabolism and it can also curb your hunger.

  • Stop your bad habits

Eliminate your bad habits such as skipping your HCG meals and eating too much. Do not eat foods that are loaded with carbs and sugar. Bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol as well can cause various health issues such as weight gain. You have to eat clean and maintain a healthy routine during the HCG diet. Follow the HCG diet protocol for greater weight loss.