The 21 Day VS the 41 Days Protocol of the HCG Diet

The 21 Day VS the 41 Days Protocol of the HCG Diet

Begin the HCG diet by setting an achievable weight loss goal. You can spend 21 days or 40 days on the HCG diet depends on your weight loss goal. For overweight people, you can follow the 21-day protocol and, if you want to lose more, you can do the 40 days process.

First of all, no one can promise a specific amount of weight loss that you can reach on the HCG diet. Everyone has individual differences that can affect the process. The sure thing about the HCG diet is it can help you reach your weight loss goal regardless of your body type and age.

Avoid comparing your result to other dieters because the HCG works fair. It suppresses your appetite, boosts your metabolic rate, and increases your energy level. Nonetheless, following an unhealthy lifestyle during the HCG diet will more likely cause you to gain weight.

The 21 Days VS the 40 Days protocol

When you follow the 21-day protocol of the HCG diet, you can lose up to 30 pounds in a month. It involves calorie cut down and maintaining the HCG shots every day. Most overweight people who have minimal fat to lose are following this process. In the 21 days, you will spend a short time on each phase but reach a maximum weight loss.

The 40 days protocol is the typical process for obese people whose BMI are increasing. It allows you to lose up to 40 pounds during the entire process. It has similar stages with the 21-day protocol but, it has lengthier durations. Overweight people can also follow this protocol for maximum weight loss.

Men have a faster metabolism than women. Daily, men have more calorie expenditure and, they also last longer on exercising. But, it does not mean that the HCG does not work in women’s bodies. The speed of reaching your weight loss goal depends on your weight, lifestyle, age, and on how you stick to the protocol.

How many Calories can You Eat on the HCG Diet?

Regardless if you are on a 21 days or 41 days program, stick to a 500 calorie intake per day. You can also follow the modern VLCD version that allows 800 calories per day. Administer the HCG shots every day to help you maintain a low-calorie intake without causing hunger pangs. Stick to organic products to prevent weight gain. Ensure that you are maintaining hydration during the process to avoid stalling.

How Does the HCG Work in the Body?

During the 21 days or 40 days program, the HCG burns fats in the hard-to-reach areas of your body. Avoid jumping from one plan to the other to prevent pitfalls. The HCG works by suppressing your appetite and increasing your metabolic rate.

The HCG also increases your energy and helps you establish a healthy relationship with food. The HCG diet plan is the best weight loss option for obese people. It pulls out fat tissues and leaves your muscle behind. It also balances your hormones and improves the quality of life you have.