HCG Diet


Belly fats are the main cause of why you feel uncomfortable with your physical appearance. Belly fats are harmful because they can cause high blood pressure and other various diseases. Fats can cause a major risk to your health and can also cause weight gain. You have to stop the habits that cause you to gain more fats.  

HCG diet encourages you to stop your unhealthy habits, especially on your eating style. You have to limit those things that are exceeding and stop the things that harm health. Limiting the unhealthy habits will give you a greater chance to shed pounds. These are also helpful during the HCG diet, especially in the VLCD.

How to successfully lose belly fats on the HCG diet?

  • Avoid the intake of calories

Solid and liquid calories have the same effect on your body. It causes weight gain and other diseases. Limiting your intake of calories can help in faster weight loss. Liquid calories come in many forms. This is commonly found in various unhealthy drinks. You have to stop the intake of this kind of calories to aid in your weight loss. Solid calories or the calories from unhealthy foods can store fats in your belly rapidly. You have to cut down your intake of calorie into 500 each day. This is to help in embracing a healthy lifestyle.

  • Get more protein in your diet

Lowering your belly fats can also be done by increasing your intake with protein. It can work in several ways. Protein can help in muscle strength and maintaining your bone health. Protein as well helps in repairing your tissues. Protein choices on the HCG diet can help in lowering your chance of getting hungry during the HCG diet. The intake of protein can lower your consumption of calories and unhealthy fats. Consume more on lean meat, fruits, and vegetable choices.

  • Get more fiber in your diet

Protein is the same as fiber. It works for hand in hand to help the HCG in shedding more belly fats. Eating a lot of fiber can boost your digestion making it fats to burn unhealthy foods. Fiber-rich foods can also help in the distribution of food nutrients all over your body. Fiber can also give you a longer feeling of fullness. Thus, makes you feel less hunger and cravings for the whole day.

  • Do not forget your HCG injections

The HCG is the main cause of rapid fat loss. It targets the stubborn fats from the hard to reach areas of your body including your belly. The HCG also works in resetting your metabolism and prevents cravings and hunger pains. Administer your HCG Injections at the same time each day for greater result.