HCG Diet


Stress brings a big impact on the diet and eating habits of a person. The level of stress hormones tends to circulate in the body. Hormones can cause a higher intensity of cravings. This is one of the causes why we gain weight. The number one response of the body to stress is weight gain.

Is this beneficial in the loading days of the HCG diet?

Big no! Although it makes you eat a lot, it is not allowed in HCG. Before you start the HCG diet, make sure that you are prepared. Prepare your emotional and physical self for the diet. Stress does not just affect the loading days, but also in the whole diet duration. Stress has a lot of ways to manage. Some cause of stress is the choices you made. There are lots of foods in the loading days that may help in reducing stress in the body. Fight stress before the very low-calorie diet starts.

What to eat on loading days? — Countering stress

  • Chocolates- This has the power to lower stress in two ways. It has a chemical and emotional impact on the person. Treat stress by having a bite of chocolate. Take note that this is only done during the loading days.
  • Avocados- These are not just delicious but it carries omega 3 fatty acids. The acids are capable of reducing anxiety and stress. Avocado has the power to improve mood and concentration.
  • Fatty fish- This is a good source of omega 3 that are allowed in the loading days of the HCG diet. This has the capability to reduce stress. Fatty fish is beneficial in cardiovascular health. Another study has proven that it can ease depression.
  • Milk- This is a remedy for a better night sleep. Milk can cause a relaxing effect on the mind and body. It helps in lowering the stress in the body as it relaxes the muscle.
  • Nuts- Any kind of nuts is allowed in the loading days of the HCG diet. Nuts are rich in vitamins that are effective in reducing stress. It lowers blood pressure level. This is also calorie dense food. Have a handful of nuts on your loading days.
  • More Vitamin C- This is capable of releasing formula that reduces the effect of stress. You can eat citrus fruits, grapefruits, strawberries, and oranges. These are the number one carrier of vitamin C. Thus, it is capable of handling stress.
  • HCG diet is an effective diet. Each Phase must be followed strictly. You may handle stress before Phase 2 starts. Make sure to be stress-free during the duration of the diet. Lowering stress is one key to making the diet successful. Be aware of the ways to fight against stress.