Stress and the HCG Diet


Stress is not an easy thing to control. Stress is a state of mental or emotional tension. This results in a very demanding circumstance. Exercise may not be enough things to deal with stress. Stress level must be low in doing the HCG diet. It has physiological and psychological effects on people. Stress may cause depression. It is very unhealthy and has no room in HCG diet.

Why do we need to control stress?

Stress delays the gastrointestinal process. This results in bloating, pain and constipation. When stress is present the body will start to store fats. This is when weight gain is expected. Stress also causes you to overeat. Overeating causes cheating. Cheating causes disaster on the diet. Stop stress before it gets worst. Stress also causes immune problems. It often leads to fatigue and low energy. People tend to eat a lot or lose their appetite. It also causes high blood pressure.

4 Ways to control stress

Find someone to talk to– Seek advice to someone. Talking is the simplest way to relax. Let go of negative thoughts and feeling. This will help you stop the build-up of stress in your being. Talk to a person every now and then. Let out all the tension that you have.

Go on somewhere– Try to have an escape. Get away from all the things that cause stress. If your current place stresses you out, find new places to relax. Have a break and go to a nice place. Give your mind and body to reflect. If you’re a busy person, find a place in your workplace. Relax and blow of the negative vibes. Find a comfortable scene and take the stress out. 

Think of positive stress– Eustress is a positive stress. Think of motivating things. Instead of negative things, try to think of something good. Load your mind with positivity. Handle things one at a time. Do not panic and always see the bright side.

Be happy, mingle with other– Be happy on your HCG diet journey. Do not jail yourself. Try to socialize with other dieters. You can also have time with your friends. It is healthy to be with other people. Hang out with friends. Make happiness as a state of your mind. You can also spread it to everyone. Unload the stress. Make up your mind and body for the diet journey.

You cannot do dieting and stress at the same time. It will surely affect the diet. There is no other magical diet that gives the best reward. Only the HCG diet make you relax while burning fats. Sticking with this diet is a bit challenging.  Change your mind set and respond positively. Being positive gives you an easier time.