HCG Diet


Sugars in any form are not allowed on the HCG diet. However, there are dieters who want to satisfy the sweet tooth. Sugar is not allowed to be used during the HCG diet. Some of the dieters fail to finish the weight loss because of sugar. To satisfy the sweet tooth and to add flavor, the HCG diet allows stevia. This is the only suitable natural sweetener that each dieter can use. This is a guilt-free ingredient that will allow you to stay on the track of the diet. This will give a sweet feeling as sugar without cheating or weight gain.

Stevia can be used to add flavors on foods, juices, and brews. This is the exact substitute for sugar. You can have stevia in your coffee or tea servings. This is also used to make smoothies and juice. You can create your own HCG lemon juice by using stevia. The stevia plant is a bushy shrub that came from the family of sunflowers. The sweetness of stevia can be compared to sugar. It creates the same sensation or taste like sugar. This can be purchased in the local supermarkets.

The stevia plant is a zero-calorie sweetener. It does not increase the sugar level of the body. This is a purely natural product that is safe to use in weight loss. The sweetness of this plant is natural and is not gained from the chemical process. This totally fits in the very low-calorie diet of HCG. You can have this as your sweetener for tea and coffee. See to it that the coffee and tea that you will be servings are sugar-free. To create lemonade you can have grapefruit or lemon in the water and add some stevia on it. You can enjoy the same sweet delight as sugar.

This natural sweetener can calm down the cravings for sugar. This will help you avoid having sugary drinks such as soda. This will help you feel better with your cravings. You can also have this plant in your HCG diet recipes. Stay away from sugar for the rest of the HCG diet. This step can help you in reaching the weight loss goal.

There are many forms of sugar in the products found in the market. It is important to read food labels to avoid any of them. The most effective step to avoid sugar products is to refer to the HCG diet food list. You can also choose natural products. Each dieter is encouraged to have an organic choice because it is safer.