Weight gain and increase in body fats occur when you eat too many calories every day. Bodyweight remains steady as long as the amounts of calories you eat are at the same levels of your physical activities. The number of calories that you spend through the metabolic process is also a factor in your weight. When your calorie intake is above your work, you are at risk of weight gain.

The reason why you gain weight during the HCG diet is when you load too many calories. The excess calories are then used by your body to build new fat tissue which results in weight gain. Weight gain also happens because of unhealthy habits and cravings. Cravings can overpower you and it is difficult to control if you are used to unhealthy eating.

How will you prevent unwanted weight gain during the HCG diet?

  • Schedule or come up with a plan for your daily meals- To prevent weight gain, it is vital to follow a meal plan. Avoid eating whatever you want. The VLCD can shock your body and you will need a little time to adjust. When you eat a large meal during the second phase, you are at risk of unwanted weight gain. Reduce the amount of food slowly as you take your HCG shots.
  • Go out or incorporate some light activities- You can incorporate light exercise during the HCG diet. The first thing that you will do is to ensure that you still have energy. It is better to do light activities such as walking in the morning. So, after taking your HCG shots or after your breakfast coffee, you can take a walk around. Physical movements help take off the fats that your body accumulates. Light exercise such as walking can burn extra calories.
  • Follow the protocol of the HCG diet- The second phase of the HCG diet is called the VLCD. It is the daily intake of 500 calories and combined with daily HCG shots. When you follow the protocol you can reduce up to 2 pounds per day. The combination of HCG injection and VLCD can help you lose a significant amount of weight and renew your body. It also allows your body to get used to new and healthy habits.

When you see some fluctuations in your weight on the next day, you have to assess yourself. Recall all the foods and activities that you are doing to know the factor of unwanted weight gain. Weight fluctuations are also caused by menstruation and there is nothing to worry about it. Weight gain during menstruation is normal and you can still lose weight when your period stops.

The way how your body works during the HCG diet is complex. It’s the reason why there are days that you can lose weight fast. There are also days that your weight loss seems to slow down or stops. You should stick to the diet protocol and avoid things that can trigger weight gain. Maintain your HCG Injections so that you can continue a healthy weight loss.