Secretive eating is a form of binge eating without the obvious embarrassment. Most overweight and obese people are suffering this kind of behavior. Secretive eating comes with episodes of eating meal after meal because of lack of control. It is dangerous during the HCG diet because it will stop you from losing weight.

As you start your HCG diet, see to it that you are ready for changes. Change your appetite and relationship with food. During the HCG diet, you cannot always eat every time you see foods. Develop eating discipline starting with proper food portioning. Few signs of secretive eating are:

  • You eat a large number of foods alone
  • Lack of control in eating especially when no one is watching
  • You eat as fast as you can which may lead to stomach discomfort or bloating
  • Often eat even if it’s not yet meat time or even if you are not hungry
  • You eat alone because you are embarrassed or you feel disgusted

How does secretive eating affect your HCG diet?

Eating in secret affects the number of calories you eat during the VLCD. You will lose control of your intake of carbs and fatty foods. Secretive eating can cause emotional reactions which somehow give you comfort. It is dangerous when you are stressed or anxious because it might lead you to binge eating.

Secretive eating is the reason why you keep refilling your food bowls when no one is watching. You have the behavior to sneak out foods and dig in or late-night snacking. None of these habits can benefit from reaching your weight loss goal. It can result in having too many calories until you end up having a weight-loss stall.

Does secretive lead to serious weight gain on the HCG diet?

A secretive eating disorder is less serious than actual binge eating. It is not linked to huge weight gain or cause distress. However, it makes things worst if you are doing the HCG diet. This is not just a disorder of a lone eater but it is the nature of eating a large number of foods. Although it cannot give serious weight gain, still you need to overcome it before it can overpower you.

How to control secretive eating behavior?

First, you need to talk to your doctor or diet guide for few recommendations. Avoid hiding foods as a result of consumptive guilt. Instead, clear your pantry with unhealthy foods to avoid cravings. Avoid unhealthy habits such as eating in secret at the drive-through, ordering on the phone, or sneaking on your fridge when everyone is sleeping. Your goal is to reduce your calorie intake to lose weight and not to satisfy your cravings.

Change your habits by doing few steps in changing your eating styles. Start by taking your HCG Injections at the same time each day. The HCG shots will suppress your appetite during the VLCD to go on even if you are eating few calories. HCG shots maintain your satiety and curbs hunger and cravings.