The shopping list on HCG diet weight loss is important. It can help in purchasing items that are needed for weight loss. It can also help in keeping off the things that can harm the diet. The shopping list is mostly on organic products. It is a fresh product that has no chemical added. These products are helpful in the weight loss process. Here are some of the lists you can purchase for the weight loss:


Brewed tea, coffee, unsweetened ice tea, and the unsweetened Powerade


Blueberries, strawberries, apples, oranges, peaches, and lime

Tangerine, lemon, cherries, plums and passion fruits


Chicken breast, lean beef, oil-free fish, shellfish and salmon

Eggs, lean pork, tuna, and turkey hams


Herbs, chili, garlic, chili sauce, and oil-free sprays


Lettuce, cucumber, spinach, and asparagus

Onion, celery, green beans, and squash

Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, eggplant and hearts of palm

The meat choices must be oil and fat-free. See to it that you have purchased the exact food that you will need for the entire duration of the diet. It is better to do the grocery shopping before the VLCD. This is to help you avoid any food temptations. Food temptations are harmful during weight loss because they may sabotage the process. Once you give in to food temptation, this is already called as cheating. It will make you eat as much food as you want without thinking about the effect on the body.

Be careful about loading and make sure to load on the exact amount of foods. You have to be more careful on the 500 calorie diet. You can have anything on the food list as long as you do not go beyond the calorie requirements on phase 2. The shopping list above is not the complete list of the things you can have on the HCG diet. However, this will give you a short idea on the things that are allowed and not allowed for the entire diet.

Take note that the 500 calorie diet is done along with the HCG diet hormones. It is harmful to do the 500 calories if there are no diet hormones. It is because the hormones will be the one to make sure that there will be no hunger. It is also the one that works in the metabolism. Refer to the original list of the food items you can have for more choices. You can always have the HCG diet food list online. It can help you in having an easy weight loss process.