HCG Diet


Having a specific goal is key in losing weight long-term. What will be your motivation to support the diet? Get back to your skinny jeans by doing a safety hcg diet. Here is a smart an effective guide on HCG diet.

  • Don’t miss your fluids- Breakfast here on HCG is coffee, tea, and water. There will be no hard meals that are allowed. You can have unlimited coffee or tea as long as it is sugar-free. This will help you start your day doing the right track of the diet. Be satisfied as you stave off the cravings for the day. Starting your day with HCG will help you take off the unwanted fats.
  • Prioritize organic foods- Organic are fresh and real foods. Make sure to eat whole foods. Keep away from the processed foods. Plan your meals carefully, choose the HCG allowed foods. Make sure that all the items are safe and fresh. Load up with lean protein, fruits, and veggies. These can keep you safe from illnesses. The goal of the HCG diet is to burn unwanted fats and keep the body healthy. Make sure not to step out from the 500 calories a day.
  • No sugary-beverages- Drinking sweetened liquid won’t either make you full or safe. That is why we promote sugar-free coffee to have antioxidant. This protects the cell from all the damage. Sugary-beverages are loaded with sugar and other ingredients that are not safe for the diet. HCG wants plain and simple for a healthier choice.
  • Go to bed- Sleep deprivation is one of the cause that people get fat. Lack of sleep can affect metabolism. You will surely gain weight if you deprive yourself of sleep. Sleep is vital in the body to relax and focus on metabolism. It also helps the organs to function well. Thus, it keeps away stress and anxiety.
  • Do not skip a meal- Here on HCG, every meal is important. Skipping a meal can disturb the work of the hormones in the body. Skipping meals will not even make you lose weight faster. It takes off energy that is needed by the body. HCG promotes 3 meals and a snack. Do not go longer without eating. You can also snack around with the HCG allowed foods. This can help you to maintain a disease-free body in the duration of the diet.
  • Get-away no more- Ignore gimmicks. They may say it’s clean cheating but, it is still cheating. Do not go out and eat with friends or someone in restaurants. It will just make you gain weight. Foods in the restaurants are not safe for a 500 calorie diet. Watch some movie and eat real food instead.