Restarting the HCG Diet After Food Cheating

Restarting the HCG Diet After Food Cheating

The HCG diet can help you overcome your food cheating habit. There are several ways to correct this habit and prevent interfering with your weight loss progress. Overeating is not the only form of food cheating, as it can also happen when you fail to follow the HCG diet protocol. If you cheat on your HCG diet, you run the risk of health complications.

In addition to sabotaging your weight loss efforts, it also affects the metabolism of your body. The correction tips on overcoming your food cheating habits do not mean you can cheat whenever you want. As much as possible, avoid food cheating by controlling your portion sizes to boost your weight loss.

What will happen when you cheat on the HCG diet?

Expect the scale to go up a pound or two for several days. Weight gain during the HCG diet is challenging to deal with but avoid panicking. It does not mean that you have to go back to the loading phase. The HCG diet protocol has a correction process to help with weight gain. Learn from your experience to prevent food cheating and temptations throughout the HCG diet program.

Tips to get back on track after cheating on the HCG diet:

  • Try the apple a day or steak day process

The apple and steak day on the HCG diet is a process that helps you bounce back on your diet track after an unwanted weight gain. But, avoid combining all at once because it can sabotage your weight loss.

What is the apple-a-day process on the HCG diet?

An apple day is when you eat apples from noon on day one to lunchtime on the following day. Eat up to 6 apples throughout the process and drink more water. The Apple day process detoxifies your body from the effects of unhealthy foods.

         What is the steak day process on the HCG diet?

Steak day is a lean protein loading that ought to balance the calories in the body. Eat nothing all day and serve a Large lean steak for dinner. Maintain your hydration during the day and administer the HCG shots to prevent hunger. Coffee and tea are also permissible but ensure they are sugar-free.

  • Create a plan

If you intentionally cheat on your diet, make sure to have a plan. You have to plan for your meals that can help in keeping out extra calories. Have a proper plan in having your HCG recipe. Load more on fiber to boost your metabolism. Your weight loss will resume once you do this.

When you want to begin your diet protocol again, you need a plan as well. Continue to drink and eat healthy meals during your 6-week rest. It assists your body in preparing for the VLCD. Your 6-week rest also allows you to increase your time of exercise to help in burning calories.

  • Drink plenty of water

It does not just help in restarting your diet but also in cleansing your colon. Water can also improve your digestion and metabolism. Water flushes out body waste and maintains healthy blood pressure. It is also helpful in boosting skin health.