Reasons to Keep Your Stress Level Low on the HCG Diet

Reasons to Keep Your Stress Level Low on the HCG Diet

Stress is not an easy thing to handle during the HCG Diet. High levels of stress can interfere with the mechanism of the HCG in dealing with abnormal fats. It counteracts the effects of HCG and causes weight gain. Often during stressful periods, you engage in out-of-character behaviors and leads to stress eating. Stress can also cause sleep issues, panicking, and untimely outbursts.

The behavioral changes can affect the HCG diet and, it has several opposite effects on your weight. Some people also lose weight due to stress. But, it is not the right thing when it comes to your overall health. It can cause fatigue, dehydration, and other mental health issues. Stress can negatively affect your overall health. So, keep your stress level low throughout the HCG Diet. The stress-related weight gain is due to the bouts of comfort foods. Avoid this during the HCG diet.

Stress eating contributes a lot to the build-up of excess calories and rapid weight gain. When you fall into stress eating, expect that you will face stubborn fats. Stress can sabotage your dieting efforts during the HCG diet. Some studies determine that it is the hypothalamus is responsible for weight gain during a stressful situation. Note that the hypothalamus is the gland that the HCG resets for weight loss. It is essential to keep your stress level low during the HCG diet.

Why Do You have to Keep Your Stress Level Low on the HCG Diet?

  • Stress can affect food processing in the body. It can cause diarrhea, constipation, pain, or bloating. When stress occurs, your body is more likely to store fats and causes an inevitable weight gain.
  • Stress releases new hormones and interferes with the HCG. It can cause immune problems and increases your risk of having diseases.
  • Stress can also cause fatigue, dryness of the mouth, and drowsiness. Keep your stress level low to boost your productivity on the HCG diet.
  • Keep your stress level low to avoid running to your comfort foods. Note that during the HCG diet, you can only eat 500 calories per day. It can also sabotage your weight loss efforts.
  • Stress can trigger hypertension and may increase your risk of unwanted stroke. Keep your stress level low during the HCG diet to maintain your blood pressure levels.
  • Stress can cause unwanted skin conditions and diseases. It can trigger pimple breakouts and other skin issues.

If you are gaining weight due to stress, here are things you can do:

  • Improve your sleep to relax your brain. Sleeping produces hormones that counteract stress and improve your relaxation.
  • Maintain a regular eating schedule to balance your blood sugar levels. It improves your mood, boosts your energy, and avoids stimulating your appetite.
  • Eat small meals regularly to avoid stress eating. Split the 500 calorie meal into five portions. It is a healthy way of maintaining satiety without adding calories.
  • Load more foods that improves your mood. Avoid eating processed foods because they contain brain-blocking chemicals. Opt for fresh products that have low calories to boost your weight loss.
  • Identify the trigger to avoid them in the future. You can also try meditation and other brain-boosting activities.