HCG Diet


Before you think about too many exercises, check yourself first. Think of other activities that are lighter than exercise. The success of the HCG weight loss is not about how hard you exercise. This is all about following the protocol to the best of you. HCG diet must be part of your priority aside from your work and schedules. Create a new habit upon doing the HCG diet. It will help a dieter reach the weight loss goal easily. Your basic routine on the HCG diet must include healthy practices. You can do the cardio, flexibility training and etc. However, you cannot do weightlifting and another heavy exercise. This will just stress out the body and may cause hunger. You do not have to do heavy exercise to lose weight on the HCG diet. The HCG hormones are in charge of the burning of fats and calories. Entrust your weight loss goal to the HCG diet.

Setting Up Your Own Program

You can have your own flow of the routine. However, you still have to follow the diet protocol. You are allowed to split your meals and create your own recipes. The meal plan must be based on the HCG diet food list and meal plan. Get started with your light exercise and follow the steps. You can do your light exercise in a step by step process. Your meal program must be based on the HCG diet approved list. You can cook anything that is based on the instruction of HCG. The successful weight loss on the HCG diet is centered on healthy eating. The Heart of the HCG diet is phase 2 or the VLCD. You can do some tricks in cutting your calories. The VLCD cuts out calories and only allows 500 calories each day.

If you get confused on how you would start the diet, start it in doing one step. A small step at a time is better than doing nothing. You can slowly reach your weight loss goal by doing everything on HCG guide. Some of the tricks include meal portion or serving control. This is an effective trick you can do in the VLCD. It is important to count the calories as you do Phase 2. There are cases that caused weight gain because of the failure to watch out in loading calories. Create a monitoring guide that will keep the weight on track. The monitoring guide will be used as your weight loss diary. You can do any tricks and tips that will help your HCG lifestyle.