Weight loss is easy and fast when you avoid problem foods. To get better results with the HCG diet you have to avoid processed and junk foods. It helps you lose substantial weight than you normally would. Stick to healthy loading on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy protein sources.

The problem foods that you must avoid on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

Problem food #1-Bread

White bread and all kind of bread are not allowed during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. It’s because it is made from refined flour and has a high glycemic index. Bread is high in carbs and has low nutritional content which may not help you during the VLCD. Although it can make you full it will cause frequent occurrences of hunger and cravings after several minutes.

Problem food/drinks #2-Energy drinks and weight loss soda

Energy drinks and weight loss soda are loaded with liquid calories that cannot help you lose weight. They might be a convenient meal option but these are unhealthy especially when you are maintaining your HCG injections. These have a wide range of negative metabolic effects. Energy drinks and weight loss soda are usually sweetened and flavored with sugar syrup that affects your intestines.

Problem food/drinks #3-Alcohol

Drinking alcohol during the HCG diet creates a metabolic problem. Alcoholic beverages contain too much liquid calories that are eventually stored as body fats. It lowers testosterone levels and may wreck your muscle mass. Alcohol also stimulates your appetite to eat more calorie-loaded foods.

Problem food #4- Smart snacks

Snacks that are labeled as “low calorie or healthy” is misleading. Many of these snacks have a high carbohydrate and calorie content. Although it can provide you with a burst of energy, it is followed by a sudden drop-off and can leave you hungry. Foods that can fall into the category of “smart snacks” are cookies and baked products. Avoid buying such food choices especially those that are labeled falsely. It harms your health and weight.

Problem food #5 – Sugar-free products

Sugar-free products are also misleading claims that most of the processed foods have. Sugar-free products have potential side effects including weight gain. Sugar-free products contain artificial sweeteners that are more dangerous than loading sugar. Generally, you have to avoid these products as much as possible to be able to reach your weight loss goal.

Do cereals belong to the problem food category?

Cereals do not belong to the category of problem foods but it is highly dangerous during the HCG diet. This only means that you also have to avoid eating cereal while you are doing the VLCD. Cereals can cause you to eat greater amounts which may go against the permitted calorie consumption on VLCD.

Food condiments that affect the HCG diet

Condiments are a tricky source of weight gain. You have to avoid creamers, ketchup, mayonnaise, and salad dressings. These are high calorie and high carbohydrate condiments that can stop you from losing weight.