There are unexpected things that will happen when you fail to monitor your weight loss. There are also times that you have done your best but you still fail. The reason for these things is maybe because you ignored small things that affect your weight loss. If you find yourself gaining weight with no clear reasons consider talking to your medical provider. You can also assess everything that you did so that you can track the cause of sudden weight gain.

The overlooked reasons that cause weight gain on VLCD

  • You do not obey the diet protocol

A failure to follow the diet protocol offers a short term weight loss. It will make your transition back to your old weight. Make sure to keep up with the protocol and obey it fully. The HCG diet offers promising results that can be realistically reached by following the protocol. Transition to a healthy lifestyle and follow each step for greater weight loss. The HCG diet will provide health benefits even after your weight loss process.

  • You are consuming too much sugar

You maybe are not aware of your food consumption that is why you are gaining weight. During the HCG diet, it is very important to be aware of what you are eating. Make sure that you avoid sugars and other unhealthy sweeteners to avoid weight gain.

Avoid all forms of sugar no matter what it is. It may be fructose, corn syrup, soda, candy bars, and juices. It’s because when you eat sugar, your body will release insulin which makes it hard for you to maintain the VLCD.

  • You are not getting enough sleep

Sleep is important because your body releases fat-burning hormones during the night. If you are depriving yourself of sleeping you are more likely to gain weight. Lack of sleep gives you poor time in decision making and proper focus. Getting enough sleep is a major factor in weight loss.

Getting enough sleep must be part of your priority. Do not overlook its importance because it weighs on your weight loss journey. Have a relaxation routine such as meditation, yoga, or a good time of sleep. It will improve your energy and boost your focus.

  • You are “stress eating”

Eating during a stressful moment goes hand in hand in destroying your weight loss. High-stress levels allow your body to release cortisol that increases fat storage. If you eat foods to comfort from stress you are at risk of weight gain. Take time to relax and escape from stressful things and places. Avoid eating when you know you are stressed to avoid binge eating period.

Change your lifestyle and make sure to avoid ignoring small things that affect your HCG diet. The HCG diet is far from your usual weight loss regimens that can be taken for granted. It’s because during the HCG diet even the slightest mistake could impact your weight loss. Deal with your food addictions and laziness in following the diet protocol. You also have to quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Let the hormone work fully in your system in burning your body fats.