Nighttime Snacks You Can Have on the HCG Diet

Snacking at night is not advisable on the HCG diet. But, what if you get hungry? Avoid depriving yourself from food when you experience hunger because it can cause fatigue. Starvation can occur during the first few days of the HCG diet because your body adjusts to the program. When you get hungry, eat healthy foods but keep your calorie intake low.

Maintaining a healthy eating routine on the HCG diet does not mean avoiding eating after sundown. Know the difference between hunger and cravings to avoid gaining weight. Opt for the right food options to eat when you are starving at night because it can trigger your cravings.

Is Nighttime Snacking Advisable on the HCG Diet Protocol?

Regardless if it is past your 7 pm cut-off, you can eat food when you are hungry. But, ensure that you are not eating calorie-loaded treats. You can search for healthy nighttime snacks online or refer to the HCG diet food list. The HCG diet protocol permits low to zero-calorie food choices. Avoid eating foods that can stimulate your appetite for processed treats.

Does Eating Late Causes Weight Gain?

Eating late can cause weight gain but, there are strategies to avoid gaining weight. When you eat calorie-loaded foods, you are more likely to gain weight due to the adverse effects of unhealthy foods. Your body burns fewer calories at nighttime because you are physically inactive. Eating calorie-loaded foods can increase the fat deposition in your body. Avoid prolonging hunger at night but ensure to eat healthy treats.

How To Avoid Hunger During the HCG diet?

Avoid skipping your meals during the day to avoid late-night hunger. Skipping your meals can cause weight gain because it leads you to overeat and compensate for the nutrients. You can also split the 500 calorie meal into five portions to maintain eating without adding calories. Eat light for dinner to avoid stomach discomfort and indigestion. Your body spends fewer calories at night because you are preparing your body to sleep.

What are the HCG Diet Approved Snacks to Alleviate Nighttime Hunger?

  • Fruits. It contains fiber, antioxidants, calcium, and other nutrients. Eat half of a medium-sized fruit and drink some tea. It relaxes your brain and promotes metabolism. Fruits maintain your satiety for a lengthier period.
  • Grissini or Melba toast. It is a crunchy treat that contains low calories. You can eat Melba toast instead of digging on a bag of chips. But, avoid adding butter and other condiments to prevent overeating.
  • Tea. It is not a solid food but, you can drink tea to alleviate hunger. But, avoid sugary tea or bottled tea in the grocery store. Tea can improve satiety and produce antioxidants that promote relaxation of your brain.

Avoid going to bed with a rumbling stomach because it affects your blood sugar levels. Eat your dinner 3 hours before going to sleep to give your body time to digest food. Track the foods you eat to you’re your calorie intake low. Opt for snack foods that help in building lean muscle and boost the fat-burning rate.