The protocol of Dr. Simeons for the HCG diet also brings up the issue of menstruation. During menstruation, there are changes in your hormone that will happen. It’s because during menstruation there is a complex interaction of hormones in your body. To be able to keep your assurance in weight loss you must do some change when your period comes. This is to give way for the natural cycle in your body each month.

What will you do when menstruation comes during the VLCD?

According to the original protocol of Dr. Simeons, you have to stop taking the HCG shots. It’s because there is hormonal consideration your need to do during the menstrual period. Having the HCG during menstruation might lead to weight loss stall or weight gain. Take a break from having your HCG shots but you must continue your diet. It means that you need to follow the 500 calorie diet. Dr. Simeons also says that you have an assurance that there is not hunger even without the HCG.

When will you resume your HCG shots?

You can resume having your HCG injections right away when your period ends. The usual duration of menstruation is only for 3 to 4 days. It means that the last dose of HCG is still active in your body. It is still responsible for curbing hunger and suppressing your appetite. Resume your HCG shots first thing in the morning when your menstruation is over. Make sure to have your shot at the same time each day.

What will happen if you will take your HCG shot during your period?

Taking your HCG shots during menstruation does not result in weight loss. You will be also at risk of familiarity with the diet hormone. The HCG is less effective when taken during your menstrual period. Some dieters continue their shot when the menstrual flow is light. Everyone has a different result that is why it is better to stop it in your period.

Does the HCG affect your menstrual flow and schedule?

Yes. If you are taking the hormone days before your period it can affect the flow. These effects may or may not occur but you do not have to worry. If your typical menstrual flow is light the HCG may have it heavier. It will also take it to a longer duration in some cases. The HCG also makes your period come earlier than usual but it is normal. These effects do not come very often or it will occur in some isolated cases.

How does menstruation affect your weight loss?

Menstruation is one of the weight loss breaks during the HCG diet. When your period is coming you will see a slowdown of your weight loss. It can also create water retention and makes you gain weight. These are normal and the water weights will be gone when the period is over. Your body will drop the water weights and you can resume your weight loss.