HCG Diet


Starting the HCG diet means starting a new life. This is when you are about to turn your life upside down. You want to lose weight as much as possible. That is why you need to have the exact weight loss goal that you want. Your weight loss goal must be reachable and realistic. This will help you to get a weight loss goal as fast as possible. A realistic goal will not fail your expectations because it will just be easy. To maximize weight loss, you have to follow the protocol wisely.

This means that the HCG diet will really require your full commitment and dedication to the weight loss process. To maximize weight loss, you can repeat it as much as you want. Maybe you made a failure in the first round, and then you still have the second round to make it straight. The second round of the diet follows the same process and instructions. You still have to do the VLCD and the rest of the diet phases.

You must have a deep understanding of the HCG diet. That it is not the same as the weight loss protocol that you have done before. You have to study the protocol to avoid any mistakes. Do not forget to have the food list as well as the exact diet hormones that are needed for the entire diet duration. You can lose much weight as possible if you have no failure in following the guide.

Familiarize the foods that are allowed and not allowed for the HCG diet. This is a simple step that would really impart a big help for each dieters success. Compile a shopping list or have a diet journal to record all the things you have done and eat in your diet. Make sure that the injections are prepared in each session. Do the HCG diet injections the same time each day to avoid any missed dose. If you fail to inject or you may forget, it is better to have it for the next day. You cannot do the VLCD in the absence of the hormones because it is dangerous. There is more weight loss guide in the book of Dr. Simeons. It is the original protocol of the HCG diet. You can find the rest of the do’s and don’ts and the complete diet process. These simple steps will help in maximizing weight loss. Follow each diet phase and do not skip even a single day of the process.